My Shifter Showmance

Cue the music.

Here kitty, kitty. You know you wanna play.

And with that, it was on. The characters. The book. Hell, with that, I was on!

My Shifter Showmance is the story of Thomas Lyons, a lion shifter. When his roommates finally have enough of Thomas's bitching about being forced to hide who and what he is, Saint - the most entertaining, loveable, and wickedly hilarious half demon I've ever met - shoves a laptop into his hands and points to the webcam.

Tadah! Shifting Reality is born, a site dedicated to the telling of the lives of Thomas, Saint, and their housemate, Mac, the loner vampire.

Soon enough, the site is forwarded to Margo, who is instantly enthralled by the Tomcat on the screen. Conversation flows, and she just as quickly becomes Thomas's favorite poster.

What next? An elaborate scheme revolving around a week in a Scotland castle.

This one was oh-so-good. And I am too happy Neena forwarded word of this sucker along. Funny. Sexy. It's quick, so it doesn't get too deep, but oh, what a ride!



Anonymous said...

*smiles* didn't expect you to read it sooo soon. XD or at all for that matter...lol.

Ragan said...

Had hesitations for the fact that he was a cat shifter, but it's about a guy and his blog. And well... there's something beguiling about familiar, yet unknown, territory. Ya know?