Never Cry Werewolf


In Never Cry Werewolf, Sasha Trudeau finally answers for her failure to 'contain' the issue of the existence of weres, vampires, faes, etc. Her team has been disassembled and she's been replaced and put on house arrest. And well, Hunter's just as pissed about it as she is. The 'team' gets together for shots and beers to drown their teeming emotions, when Madison (her replacement) and his new team show up to well, just be jerks. A few insults fly, and soon, it's a brawl. Hunter vs Colonel Madison.
Then Hunter did the unthinkable. On the next lunge, he spun out of Madison's way and then bitch-slapped the colonel. Sasha's mouth flew open. Oh...my...God.

Which led to...

"You know what I don't like, Sasha, is how you are straddling the border between worlds in this critical time."

"Okay, now that's not fair," she said, defensiveness weighting every word.

"It is fair," he said, opening his arms wide, and gesturing wildly. "What's not fair is having to live in the shadows like your pet! Like your faithful, obedient dog that you call when you want comfort or affection and then gets put in the yard to guard your house- but who has no authority or decision-making involvement in your life! I never signed up for that tour of duty, Sasha! Never! What's also not fair is having to always put the national interests of the Shadow Clan second to those of your human leadership, no matter how ill informed or misguided- people who know nothing about our sovereign nations! For all intents and purposes I have been your goddamned beta, Sasha- but no more!"

"Whoa, whoa, you haven't been-"

"I haven't been what?" He glared at her and stalked away, deep into the mist. "I haven't been honest? I haven't been loyal? I haven't had your back? I haven't understood? I haven't been invisible? I haven't loved you more than my next breath- and haven't been faithful to you as my mate? I haven't been hurt by you in ways I don't want to revisit?" He turned away. "Tell me what I haven't been."

So yes, once again Hunter has jerked me onto his side. More tears spent over Hunter. Cuz even though he was *this* close to mounting that damned chick in stilettos, it was Sasha that literally did the dirty in the shadows with Shogun.

This book summed up a lot. Since day one at the diner and the first night Max Hunter and Sasha Trudeau shared, Max had given himself fully to Sasha. But what amounted to a wedding night for him was naught but a one night stand to Captain Trudea. And so, he's spent the last four books waiting for when she would finally accept him as her mate.

And well, now not only does she wear his mark, but his ring as well. And she's retiring from the service.

Then.. remember how foolish Crow Shadow slept with some woman without knowing he was suppose to use protection? Of course you do. I reminded you two posts ago. Well, he ended up going in search of her. Yup. He's a daddy.

But to top it all off is Shogun. Who, even though he said this to Hunter -

"I love her too... If you were ever to die in combat, I would go to her and stay with her until she would have me."

"And as your brother, being as honest as one man can be to another, if you let this break, if you throw away your gift, I have no honor... I will go after what you have cast away without shame."

- ended the book with falling for the chick that got possessed by his aunt, and was gifted her by her father to wed. How's that for an ending???


Anonymous said...

okay...ewww.. to the ending..

Now I'm firmly convinced to stay away..

Ragan said...

What's ewww? LoL