Runaway Hearts: Sons of Lyra #2

Heir Prince Lyra I hates his life, and it’s only getting worse. Not only does Sebastian’s parents force him to remain on Lyra Prime with them and control his life, now they’ve gone and arranged his marriage. Unable to stand the thought of getting married before he’s seen the stars as his three younger brothers do and tasted adventure, he decides to run away. Only that’s not as easy as it sounds when you’re one of the infamously handsome sons of Lyra.

It's not every day that a thirty-four year old man runs away from home. But when he's the heir to one of the most esteemed planets in the universe, ordered to commit to an arranged marriage in a week, and has never once been aboard a ship as it sailed through the stars, well, then you can understand the motivations a bit better.

Sebastian flees his home, dressed as down as he can, and heads toward the port, eager to get anywhere in the galaxy. As he moves through the market, he is bumped into by a young woman that proceeds to steal what money he has on him. Giving chase, he soon tackles the thief, Terea, and learns she is just as desperate to get off this planet as he is.

Somewhere in there is a resemblance to Aladdin though it's ending was closer to Sleeping Beauty's. *sigh* I love me some Sleeping Beauty.

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