Steel Beauty: Halle Pumas 4

Coping with a devastating injury is hard enough for Belinda--Belle--Campbell. Forced separation from her destined mate while she heals is almost more than she can endure. Until she is strong enough to take up her duties as Luna of the Poconos Wolf Pack, however, the safest place for her is Halle. Now, after months of being alone, she is more than ready to be claimed. But is the pack ready for a Puma Luna?

As I read Steel Beauty, I had to wonder which level of hell I had been mysteriously plunged into. Cats partner for life while wolves have gone gay and have multiple mates?

“Admit it, sweetie. You want my ass.”

Yeah, that was cute before it became true. But seriously, when Belle had to take Gina down a notch, I was getting growly. That was just racist.

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*falls over lmao* AHAHHAAAAA!