Stranded: Sons of Lyra #4

Captain Lyra III is known for his vicious attitude and brilliance in battle. Second youngest of the infamously passionate and handsome sons of Lyra, he’s a born leader and doesn’t take no for an answer. Except this time. Acer is facing a future that seems like a nightmare, a future that has shaken him and made him realize that the one thing he truly wanted in life may have just slipped through his grasp—his engineer, Stella.

Acer has the worst reputation of all the Lyra brothers. He's handsome. Noble. A skilled captain, and a vicious bastard. We were able to first meet the thirdborn son in the last book and had a glimpse at his love interest, Stella.

Stella started out aboard Balt's ship but he had her transferred to Acer's. Remi gave his elder brother props for his plotting. It's obvious to them both how perfect Stella is for Acer.

Stella's also a screw up. Acer yells at her a lot! And now, they're trapped alone in deep space and it's too late for Acer to do anything about his untold feelings. He's needed back on Lyra Prime.

A man well known for his vicious attitude and confidence had been too frightened of rejection to ask the most beautiful woman in the universe to be his.

"What would you say to a man... about to be married? What would you say to a man about to be married... who didn't want to be... who wanted someone else, someone of his own choosing?"

I gotta say, her answers were pretty good.

Only Sebastian got a virgin. Acer got a whore. What I call a whore. But she was a good whore. Sex in zero gravity. Who can complain?

FYI... I love the Lyran language. It's written so beautiful. It isn't always translated right away, but reading it, in the moment, you just can't help but know that they're saying something good.
"Stella... Iskara no tatui sem do skiattai aishin."

This was the only of the four brothers' stories where I had no idea how it was going to end. Sebastian's was my favorite. Balt and Acer tied for second. Remi got last. Remi needed more oopmh.


I'm always comforted when an author has a constant gesture used throughout their books. For Shiloh Walker, it's the stroke of the bottom lip. For Felicity Heaton, it's the caress of a cheek. Heaton is seriously becoming one of my best loved authors.
Felicity Heaton is a great believer in love at first sight and the romantic ideal. Having grown up reading extensively, she developed a deep love of classical literature, ranking Jane Eyre, North & South, and Persuasion amongst her all time favourite reads. The most romantic moment of her life was when her husband got down on bended knee on the steps of Sacré Coeur, Paris, at night in front of several hundred spectators and proposed. She was too drunk on love, and subsequently champagne, to care about the audience. All she could see was the man that she loved. A writer of emotion and life, she always strives to touch a chord of familiarity in her readers and give them characters they can love and a read to remember.

Iskara no tatui sem do skiattai aishin: I wish to be always yours and that you'd let me love you.

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