Trey: Red, Hot & Blue

They can’t deny the heat—it’s the only thing keeping them alive.

A distracted soldier is a dead solder. That’s special operative Trey Williams’ motto. The last thing he needs in his life is a girlfriend. Problem is, the woman who’s been recruited to pose as his wife on a special assignment is proving to be exactly the kind of distraction he can’t afford.

Years ago, Carly McAfee turned her back not only on her military career, but the men who come with it. So why did she say yes to a mission that puts her in intimate contact with Trey, under 24/7 surveillance by both bad guys and good? One slip, and they’re both dead. It’s not long, though, before her body betrays her, followed closely by her heart.

With a terrorist arms deal going down and missing teammate’s life on the line, Carly and Trey must throw caution to the wind in the scorching-hot performance of their lives—and try not to lose their hearts and minds in the process.

Warning: Contains bad men with big guns and video cameras, and an unmarried couple who need to get naked and get busy acting very married to save both their country and their lives.

Jack is a southern boy with all the charm that famously goes with it. For a while now, he's had the hots for the bartender that works at the closest bar to the base. Despite his constant pleas for a date, though, she's always put him off. And it makes sense, he doesn't know her name or even her eye color.

Two things of which Trey, Jack's best friend, makes it his business to know. But Trey isn't looking for a girlfriend, especially the one his best bud has his eyes on. But when Jack's brother's life ends up in jeopardy, Home Security puts Trey to a task that could bring the soldier home safe. But he has to take the barmaid to wife to do it.

It's called TREY, but for the first few chapters I found myself rooting for Jack. Despite his evil southern-boy powers.

Getting over that, much to my own relief, I was all over Trey. The sex was good but the lead up was just plain erotic. Brought to mind that infamous scene from True Lies though Jamie Lee Curtis nor Arnold Schwarzenegger were nowhere near my mental imagery. THANK GOD.

Looking overly confident, Jack leaned back on the barstool and waited for the question. He must have gleaned quite a bit of information from his discussion with the waitress.

Carly covered her eyes with one hand. “What color are my eyes?”

Jack, who never used bad language in mixed company, silently mouthed a vile curse before venturing an obviously blind guess. “Uh, brown?”

“Wrong.” She turned, opened the beer cooler and began checking her stock of cold bottles.

Scowling, Jack cursed again quietly. “Watch my beer, will ya’? I’ve gotta go take a leak.”

Trey nodded and Jack disappeared into the bathroom.

Eyes still on Carly’s back, he whispered, “They’re green.”

She spun, those beautiful jade-colored eyes open wide and staring straight at him.

Damn, she had good ears. He’d have to remember that in the future.

Their gazes collided and his heart clenched. He reminded himself it was Jack who had a crush on this girl, not him. All of his friend’s going on and on about her must have rubbed off. What he felt wasn’t real. It couldn’t be, because Trey had no room in his life for a girlfriend right now. A distracted soldier was a dead soldier. He didn’t want a girlfriend, nor did he need one. Not now and definitely not Carly, the one girl Jack was obsessed with.

So why did he suddenly feel like if he didn’t get far away from her soon, he’d forget his own rule and want a girlfriend? Want her.

“Jack says you’re in love with me. Is it true?”

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