Ante Up: Down & Dirty #3

Thomas Crawford is Lonely River's beta, and it's high time he settled down. He's had his eye on Charlotte Daniel, the owner of the Full Moon Saloon -- and independent cuss of a woman -- for months, but she either hasn't noticed his gentle courting... or she's ignoring him. But when some local wolves lodge a complaint about her questionable business practices it's Thomas's job to investigate, even if it means the woman he wants will hate him forever.

Lottie has noticed Thomas's courting, all right, but it's a little too polite for her tastes. She wants a man with fire and sensuality, not daisies and poetry. Then he kisses her. Once she gets a glimpse of the passion burning in him, Lottie decides a slow, careful seduction isn't a bad idea at all. But she'll do it her way.

Chick owns a muthereffin brothel. WTF!

And she's got the beta of the pack head over paws in love with her. But while he's courting slow and steady, she's waiting for the moment he'll finally show some passion for her.

Thomas hasn't had a woman in three years, so when he snaps, I'm expecting him to snap *hard*, ...raise up the freak flag and do his thing.

Nope. Warmed up a bit but he still came across as about as wild as a priest.

Still, he made laugh.

“I love everything about you.”

“Even though I’m stubborn and opinionated?”

“Because you’re stubborn and opinionated.”

“Don’t forget outspoken.”

He groaned and bit her lower lip. “Hard to forget when I’m trying to sweet talk you and you won’t shut up.”

Not to forget...

“We’re wolves in love, darling. There’s always going to be love in the fucking, but there’s always going to be fucking in the sweet love, too. That’s the way we are.”

And with that... I enter my sex-free weekend. Bookwise, that is.

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