Beauty is a Beast

Welcome to the future! The year is 3025, and humans are fast becoming extinct. Nizhoni of Mojave Earth Clan knows her spirit guide will protect by giving her the power of the wolf. When she unwittingly bites another human, she flees.

Michael of the Air Clan has searched for the woman he calls Beauty; the one who turned him into a creature of the moon. When he finds her living among the Mojave, he believes he can finally claim her. There's only one problem. She's already married.

Together Nizhoni and Michael must battle her former lover, the Yee Naaldlooshi, or feared skin-walker. The fate of their love and humankind hang in the balance. If Beauty can't have her mate and save the world, she's going to be a real Beast.

Woah. Zombies. Didn't expect that. And werewolves. And Native American spirit guides. And vampires. And ghosts. And Skin-walkers. And, well, there's a lot of stuff in this short story. And a whole lot of history to the characters that's surface is only skimmed.

Overall, it was good. I like the chief with his riddles as well as the variety of characters. It should have been a longer book though. There's too much substance for it to be just a quick read.

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Anonymous said...

*blinks* 'kay. I got both books. to the max cuz you said so, and this one cuz it sounded good. i like almost anything with native american related in it...heh...

i'll try and work on em today maybe...*halfsmile*