Caged Desire: Talons

He's trapped-she's suspicious-to earn his freedom all he has to do is win her trust.

Locked in a cage for almost fifty years ago, Logan has had nothing but time to plot his revenge on those who wrongfully condemned him to spend eternity in the deepest regions of a South American rainforest. But with one look at the alluring vampire who holds his freedom in her hands, revenge becomes the farthest thing from his mind.

Eve Blake is puzzled by the wooden crate delivered to her door. Even stranger is the large golden eagle inside. It doesn't take her long to realize the majestic creature is far more than he appears. Finding a man in the cage previously containing the feathered animal gives Eve every reason to suspect the shifter was locked away for a reason.

Can she trust him when he promises not to harm her if she releases him? Or will her decision cost both of them more than they bargained for?

A vampire who is astonished to learn there is such a thing as shape-shifters out there. Whodathunkit.

Logan, declared to be the one foretold to be a threat to his own kind, is banished from his clan of eagle shifters. For fifty years he was trapped in a cage deep within South America until Kyle discovers him and sends him home to his friend Eve, a supsense/fiction writing vampire.

I *so* just repeated the blurb. Yeah, it's a basic story. Don't have many complaints from this one other than the fact that it was a tattoo that damned him and yet the darn thing was never revealed or described. Harrumph.

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