Calling the Bluff: Down & Dirty #2

Hazel Young is a rare commodity in town: a young, single female whose first mating is nearly upon her. She's spent the last two years fending off suitors who grow more determined by the day -- after all, there's nothing flattering in the attention of werewolves more interested in what she is than who she is, especially not when she gave her heart away to Oliver Russell years ago. But Oliver seems to feel nothing for her but fond kindness, and the time has come to choose a mate before the wolf makes the choice for her.

When Oliver happens across Hazel being pressured by a local who wants to be her first, it awakens protective instincts he thought he'd set aside with the death of his wife five years ago. With Hazel in heat and no time to get her to safety, they wind up in a fishing shack on Lonely River, waiting for her mating fever to pass. The last thing he expects is to be tempted by her inexperienced attempts at seduction.

This was a very well chosen cover as well. The models fit the description, and the pose itself fits the mood.

That said...

Oliver is a moron! Hazel has been in love with him since the creation of salt and his dumbass makes the lord god of all fuck-ups. Not going to say what exactly he did. Just know he's a moron.

Another great story by Moira Rogers. I do prefer Jack and Ginny to Ollie and Hazel... but Ollie's not so bad in the bedroom himself. Vocalization counts, people! Hazel's innocence and romantic ideas play hard in this one. She's denied her need to mate for too long, hopelessly wishing that Ollie will finally desire her the way she does him.

When the pain of fighting her mating cycle is too much, Ollie FINALLY steps up and well, gives the wolf what she wants.

Then he goes all stupid and yet men wonder why women act so crazy!


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Redd(Neena) said...

Just the names alone make me wanna laugh...Ollie and Hazel??

I like a good cover,but I'm starting to wonder on some of your choices...*crosses eyes* =) I can't read anything like this when the chica has the same name as my gram. I'll be tramatized...*grins*