Carolina Wolf

Librarian Debra Henry is boring. And she's okay with that. Really. It's not as if the teensy amount of witchcraft that flows in her veins is worth getting excited about. Yet someone--or something--thinks it's worth crawling out of the swamps to attack her. Those "somethings" are werewolves. When one of them is hurt saving her, the least she can do is take him home and patch him up. Healing him stirs more than her senses. Maddox Moreau awakens the magic that sleeps in her blood. And suddenly, life's not quite so boring.

A wildlife manager at Congaree National Park by day, Maddox likes being the BWIS--Big Wolf In the Swamp. By night, he lets his wild side out to play lone wolf. At least until he meets the one woman who can share his soul. Perhaps it's best, though, if he holds off on sharing his preference for raw meat. Rescuing her seals his fate--but only if he can protect her from a rogue of his kind. A werewolf with a nasty stalker streak...

I kinda, sorta, want to stab whoever designed this cover, but I'm sure I'll get over the urge. Moving on...

Which was not a difficult task at all with a story like this. Me likey Maddox.

Whatever. Sex. Now.

and hahaha at:

"I beheld it. It is ugly."

But why did he have to get that ridiculous Brick House song stuck in my head???

Disappointment struck me in the end. Debra just acted plain stupid in confronting the beast. And a clone trick? Really?


Redd(Neena) said...

LMAO. You know I'm gonna have to read this one too right? XD

Ragan said...

LoL. I thought you already had!