Divine Intervention

As head of Senator Prescott’s security detail, Walker had kept an eye on the Senator’s daughter, Heather, since she was twelve. When she turned eighteen, his feelings for her became way too inappropriate, so he put another team in charge of her and focused more on the Senator, but his thoughts were never too far away from Heather.

Now she’s twenty-four and the target of the men her father is trying to expose. Walker is once again put in charge of her protection. Unfortunately, Walker’s attraction to her hasn’t lessened and Heather knows it.

Heather has been in love with Walker since she was a teenager, so she sees this joined-at-the-hip thing as the perfect opportunity to get him to see her as something other than his job and the child she used to be. She knew he wanted her, it was just a matter of time before he gave in.

The men after her may put a kink in her seduction plans but with a little divine intervention, they may just survive the flying bullets.

I was touched by the the prologue to this one. Heather escapes her security guard for the third time in a month, jumps in her convertible and races down the highway. She's then chased down and driven off the road by a black SUV. The whole time she's thinking of Walker, the former head of security, and recalling everything he's ever taught her. In the end, her car smashed into a tree... blood and shattered glass covering her, Heather mumbles her final words of the scene- 'I'm sorry, Walker'.

He's her hero. He's taught her the best of everything she knows.

She's his best friend's daughter and thirteen years his junior.

I took joy in some parts of this story. It was never forgotten who they were to each other, or they had been. Walker often remembers helping with her homework, watching over her and her friends at the mall. Heather remembers the transition of going from wanting his goodnight hugs to his goodnight kisses. She eavesdropped over Walker and his security buds as they drunkenly chat about women. What they like, in and doing with them.

Heather has shaped herself to being his fantasy and has the anal toys and waxing to prove it.

Walker's been fighting his feelings for Heather for years, since the one night his perception of her changed and she became a woman in his mind and to his body. He's distanced himself. He's tried to move on. But that one night when she was eighteen and they shared their first kiss haunts them both.

Through most of this story I was trying to figure out the 'divine intervention' part, and finally did. Daddy always does know best.

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Redd said...

I love Trista's stuff. This one I'm gonna have to bm to reread later if I wanna read this one of hers. XD