Hearts & Minds

Syna Davout thought it was supposed to be a simple smash-and-grab job—smash onto a luxury yacht, grab the cash, and split the proceeds with the client. Unfortunately, the client failed to mention that she’s the diversion for an assassination attempt that destroys the yacht and leaves her with a passenger she never expected. A fugitive telepath caught in the middle of a revolution.

Galen Fash thought his days were numbered. The fledgling revolution on his homeworld needs him to buy them time, with his life if necessary. The last thing he needs is to get involved with a pirate captain-for-hire whose larger-than-life emotions draw him like a moth to a flame.

Inexorably, Syna is dragged into a war that isn’t hers, and they both discover—between knock-down-drag-outs—that their whole is far stronger than the sum of their parts. Dodging the enemies that want them both dead will be hard enough. First, they have to survive each other…

My bestest gal pal sent me this one with instructions that I could shoot her if I didn't care for it. Well, do I do so now or later. No worries, I'm shifting from lethal setting to stun. 'kays?

Perhaps it was the dedication that set a bad tone for the book but I couldn't find it in me to love the characters. First off, it's a rule that lesbians just can't write good male/female erotica. Now just like every other rule in this universe there may be exceptions. This was not one of them.

Syna. Headstrong Syna. Dominant Syna. Great qualities when paired to a worthy, complimenting mate. Alas, what she is given is Galen.

I love an Alpha. I'll take a Beta. But Galen more qualifies as Upsilon. So yes, he's on HER ship. Life in HER hands. Completely at HER mercy but there is absolutely no need to be HER bitch!

Couldn't get passed how weak and passive Galen was. Made me want to go slasher movie on him and put him out of my misery. Syna. I wanted to sell her into slavery. Needing to gut her of some of the dominant female crap she was oozing.

Now I am all for a dominant female. But ONLY when paired with an equally dominant male. Compliment people. They must compliment!

Even the country music suggestions couldn't save this one. Check yes or no. *smiles*

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