Say You're Mine: Spellbound #1

Book one in the Spellbound Series

Not even magic will save her from falling for the one man she shouldn't.

There are two things Violet Calder knows. Magic and that cops and witches don't mix. Fantasizing about sexy detective Reece Prescott doesn't help matters, especially when her own clumsiness lands her in the middle of his undercover assignment.

Forced to pretend the gorgeous Violet is his girlfriend is one more nail in his coffin as far as Reece is concerned. From day one the Calder family has been a pain in his backside, and that doesn't look like it's about to change. But keeping his mind on bringing down a drug dealer gets increasingly difficult with Violet so close.

Knowing she has to tread carefully to protect her family, Violet begins to fear that not even magic will save her from falling for the one man she shouldn't.

*sigh* And back to lighthearted sex.

And a chick with powers and one set of very over protective brothers. *ding ding* We have a winner!

This one was pretty damn good. Nothing original, although I didn't see that little twist at the end. Go, Freddy.

“Oh good, you’re changing.” Reece strolled into her room like he’d been there a hundred times before. This was one of the rare times she could actually appreciate her mother’s neat freak ways rubbing off on her. There wasn’t a bra or a pair of questionable underwear in sight.

Violet frowned as his words sank in. Keeping her front averted, she asked, “What is wrong with what I’m wearing?” She happened to know this dress earned her the occasional long, hot look, so he couldn’t mean it wasn’t sexy enough, could he?

“It’s just not appropriate,” he said vaguely.

“We’re going to a rave. I don’t think a pant suit will work.”

He flipped through the clothes hanging in her closet. “Don’t you have something less…revealing?”

She grabbed the turtleneck sweater he’d snagged from a hanger and replaced it. “Maybe you didn’t hear me. It’s a rave.”

He took a step towards her, his voice low and smooth. “And I can’t keep my eyes off you in that dress.”

Violet shivered, his proximity setting off a chain reaction of hot bursts that zipped along her nerve endings. She tipped her chin up. “I’m not changing.” She didn’t care that the dress was too wet to wear out at this point. He wasn’t going to tell her what to do.

“Take off the dress.”

“Make me.” As soon as the words left her mouth, she realized the challenge in them.

“We don’t have time for this.” Reece made no move to back away. Instead his gaze focused on her lips.

Her stomach clenched. The tightening between her thighs pulsed under his hungry stare. “I’d say we have a problem then.”

Reece took the last step separating them. He planted one hand against the closet door next to her head. “And what do you suggest we do about it?” His mouth hovered an inch above her jaw.

Violet closed her eyes. “You’re the cop. You tell me.”

He pushed the thin strap of her dress off her shoulder. “I thought I already had.”

“Well, now. I think this is where I tell you to back the fuck away from my sister, Prescott.”

Violet froze. Kicking herself for not locking the door after they came in, she gave her brother a faint smile. “Hi Finn.”

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