Sin Eater: Naughty Nooners

Lena is a rare and valued Sin Eater whose function in life is to transform pain and need to pleasure. Dedicated to the service of the god-king Karn the Insatiable, she has spent the last year training in the erotic arts. There’s just one problem—Lena has fallen in love with her teacher. The tall, muscular man with wintry gray eyes pushes her limits, constantly testing her.

Struggling with her feelings during her final erotic test, Lena wonders how she can leave her beloved teacher and give her heart to a man she’s never met to fulfill her destiny as a Sin Eater.

Oh my damn, I'm back in the mind of Evangeline Anderson. And wow. *fanning face and neck* It is smoldering in here!

Once again Anderson held nothing back. Her writing is extremely erotic and more often than not, the sex is actually degrading. I imagine never more so than in this, Sin Eater. If I'm wrong, good gods, I'm in for an awakening should I discover more.

Although I was introduced to the ideas of Sin Eaters some time ago, this is an entirely new chapter for me. And I'm betting completely fabricated. Dramatic license has been used, abused, and wickedly violated.

Lena is a Sin Eater. As such, and the only of her time according to the laws of the universe, she will be the bedmate to the god Karn. For this, she is to spend a year being prepared.

I'm going to SPOILER the hell out of this because it just makes it all the better.

Karn first beheld Lena before her training ever began. So captivated by her charm and innocence he decided that no other man would ever touch her. What the reader does not discover until the end of the tale is that the final lesson Lena is to pass is that she must seduce her Teacher.

While Lena, now in love with Teacher, believes herself to be committing the ultimate taboo by letting another man cum inside her, she can't fight her desire to be filled by the only man she has ever known. She sets out in a 'just a little more' seduction technique that Anderson has used before in her art. EYES LIKE A WOLF being the first I witnessed it. And as always, it's goooood.

While paddles and wooden dildos of all shapes and sizes come into play, it's the vulgarity of the speech and raw need and seduction that makes this story truly, truly... arousing.

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