Tessa's Ambassador: Naughty Nooners

Kortal, Darinthian Ambassador to Earth, immediately recognizes Tessa as his fated companion. Coming from a planet inhabited by powerful men who sexually enslave women, and aroused and dominant by nature, Kortal sees no reason to delay the linking ritual. He’s waited too long to find this woman.

Overwhelmed by Kortal’s aggressive sexuality, Tessa doesn’t stand a chance against him or his Darinthian magic.

I have, in the past, supported the male in his impulsive mate claiming. Not this time. Not Kortal.

Key words: sexually enslave women

Tessa storms into Kortal's office, needing his help to find her friends who were the main characters in another book. I'm floored that he actually took the two seconds he did to ask Tessa's name before he grabs her and recites the words that begin the binding. Next, he collars her. Ultimately, .. yeah.

When he's not touching her, Tessa is saying no or pulling away. Then he gets all grabby and she's all YES! OH YES! PLEASE!

And this is not a 'I'll have what she's having' kind of moment.

There was no give on Kortal's part. He took her. And relinquished nothing. As a story it was okay... as a world to visit- no thank you.

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