To The Max

A guy. A girl. A silver pole…

As owner of Jensen Securities, Max Jensen lives by one simple rule: Never take your eyes off the target. Once he spies lithe little Jordan Landon wrapped around a pole, though, his eyes aren’t the problem. It’s keeping his mind on his job.

Her job as a pole-dancing instructor might cause a few raised eyebrows, but it’s what she does on a speeding motorcycle that kicks Max’s protective instincts into overdrive. And puts the hurt on his determination to keep his hands to himself.

Years ago, Jordan left her wealthy, disapproving family behind to pursue her dream of opening her own dance studio. Approaching a hottie in a bar was easy in her college days, but now? If she wants him, she’ll have to put her big-girl panties on and go for it.

Once alone, their inhibitions disappear faster than their clothes. But when someone breaks into Jordan’s home, Max finds himself in an uncomfortable position—as the target of Jordan’s suspicions about his real motives.

I nearly laughed to the point of pain while reading this story. Max and Jordan were basically the same person. Both of the higher class of wealthy Americans that have, for reasons of freedom and passion, decided to turn away from their mothers' standards and rules to embark upon their own route in life.

When their paths collide, Max's protective instincts roars to the forefront and he somewhat instantly becomes the poster-boy for a man smitten. The constant amusing plays of thoughts in both Max and Jordan's minds made the story even better. The hot sex certainly never left a minute for boredom.

While not everything was believable, such as the hasty progression of their relationship and reaction to a certain disregarded necessity, for a fictional romance it was spot on. It oozes humor as well as tingling talk and play at sex. I could fill my Goodreads Quotes with the hilarious one-liners from this book. Charley horse. Priceless.

Congratulations. You won an out-of-practice, dried-up pole dancer. Woohoo!

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