Diablo's Return

When a team of troubleshooters returns to a small town in France seeking a mysterious assassin killing various people, they soon learn that not all is as it seems when a part of their past returns in a most disturbing way.

Once upon a time, Nicholas Wolfe was a man with his whole life ahead of him. He enjoyed his job work, his friends and had a new love. All of that changed when the boat he was on exploded and the world believed him dead.

In reality, Nick was hurt, captured by the enemy and tortured until his escape to became the dark avenger called Diablo. A mysterious shadow that seeks justice the innocent and revenge on those who wronged him and he was close to achieving this until his past finally catches up with him.

When Macon Reed and Caey White, his former friend and the woman he once loved, return to France with their team in search of a mystery assassin, they have no idea what they are walking into until the night when Diablo is forced to make a choice that will either save him or doom them all. As he must choose between completing his final quest or saving the life of the young woman he had once loved...not only from the real villains but also from himself.

Will Diablo's path of destruction take him against his friends or will he find a way to return to the light?

The blurb is one of the best parts of this story. Sadly, it's probably one of only three. It builds up this amazing tale of vengeance, love, and destiny while the story itself falls so short on being an amazing read simply because of the way it's written. I didn't care for the style at all. Far too simplistic.

And the cover is rather misleading as well.

Nick, an atheist mercenary, is attacked and taken prisoner by a religious cult and tortured to renounce his sinful life and beg forgiveness. His escape is brought about with the help of a worker in the monastery who becomes a father figure to him.

But Nick has been more affected by his trials than one would expect. He refuses to believe he is the same man as before and is driven to take vengeance on his crucifiers. When his former team, which includes the woman he was falling for, is called in to take out 'Diablo', Nick is forced from the shadows of his quest in order to save their lives. In the end, there did manage to be a couple truly heartfelt scenes as Nick loses his mentor and is forced to leave his current path and return to the life he no longer feels deserving of.

This was a great plot, with good characters. They just deserved a better writer.

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