Naughty Nooners #10-13

WARNING!! This post includes sexual vulgarity.

Randall thinks Lindsay Taylor is sexy as hell, but she stays clear because he’s the boss’ son. When Lindsay is in a car accident, Randy throws all his rules out the window to be at her side. They share a heated kiss, but for the weeks she’s on temporary leave Lindsay ignores his calls. Now that it’s her first day back at work, he plans to convince her they’re meant to be together. When he finally gets her alone, he shows her all the physical pleasures she’s been missing out on, heating up the bedroom to scorching levels.

Hmmm. There's not much to say about this one. Lindsay has the hots for her boss's son. Randy is just as smitten with Lindsay. Then when she gets into a car accident he's the first to show up to the hospital and stay with her. They share a kiss which convinces Lindsay she is on the wrong path. The story actually starts after all that and picks up after work on her first day back to the job. Even though it all revolves around Lindsay's thoughts and blah blah blah, it's actually more Randy's story. He's the aggressor. She's just there.

Sex generates enough energy for ghosts to manifest. That’s Dera’s theory, and the sultry ghost hunter wants to test it with her sexy ex-boss.

Alec repressed his hunger for Dera when she worked for him, but three years later she wants to use his body for paranormal research…and use it hard. If raw sex can save his new business from the ghost that threatens it, it’s all in the name of science, right? The fact that his partner will be delicious Dera only makes the experiment more enticing. But will the ghost cooperate…or get in the way?

Paranormal research and sex collide! When I read the blurb I wasn't sure whether to laugh or roll my eyes. As the story unfolded, I was more into the ghost who was noted as being a residual haunt but actually showed an intelligence. He knew what was going on. He just needed two people with enough sexual energy to open the gate to heaven...???? Yeah, that's what I got from it.

There’s nothing worse than a horny dragon in search of his mate. Rajah, second-in-command to Percival the Wise, is winging over the northern seas when he spies the lissome Larkspur fleeing, with pirates in hot pursuit.

Larkspur has dreamed about mating with a fabulous dragon of Chrystal Isle. When Rajah snatches her to the safety of his arms at the last possible moment, carrying her off to his lair, it leads to hours of hot lovemaking as he practices his most seductive wiles on his chosen mate.

Eww to this one.

From random outbursts that becoming increasingly blunt and absurd, this one just freaked me out. Larkspur has fantasies of being a dragon's lover. When Rajah (No relation whatsoever to that loveable tiger) rescues her virgin self from pirates, he's convinced she is going to be his mate. It's one of those 'guy takes all and gives girl nothing' kind of stories.

What was worse is that he couldn't just shift into a human form. There was a process. Okay, I'm going x-rated. Heed the warning. So... in his dragon form, he had to press his huge scaly cock against her vagina. And yes, I'm going to say 'vagina' because this it already too vulgar to add the word 'pussy'. Anyway... when Lark comes... and why that's never spelled 'cums' is another trip for me. OMG, I keep getting off topic. Sorta... ANYWAY.. when she huh huh.. the juice seeps into the slit of his tip and triggers the shift but it's not until he comes that the shift is locked(?) and he's able to change at will. I don't know. She fell asleep after but I had the strange image of her being completely covered in white dragon goo.


Twin Mountains Ranch foreman Mickey Lowe can’t sit through one more night of newlywed relations without losing his mind. Packing up his frustration and yearning, he delivers himself to Pearl spinster Emma Morgan with the intent to inspire some lusty cries of his own.

When the cowboy comes knocking at Emma’s door late in the night, she believes she knows what he wants and she is ready for him in an instant…until she discovers what he’s really after.

Interlude had probabably the most sweetest proposal I've ever read. Mickey and Emma have been well... eachother's booty call for some time now but with all the newlyweds around Mickey finds himself wanting more for their relationship.

He's just a sweetheart. A horny little sweetheart.

"I want a right to this. I want a right to you. To your bed. To your hands in public.

... I don't want to knock on your door anymore. I don't want to wait 'til after dark. I want to love you properly and sit beside you at church."

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Redd said...

Believe it or not. I got the last two some time ago and Larkspur, I didn't even get past the first paragraph.

Interlude in Pearl made me roll my eyes.

Better Late than Never sounds interesting. *wicked grin* The first?? Iono...