Naughty Nooners #5-6

It’s the final night of her summer job on Maui. Her last chance to see him alone. Maggie plans to make it a night she’ll never forget—one of amazingly hot sex with her coworker Gabe.

Gabe wishes he’d said something sooner, taken their friendship to the next level. He’s more than willing to slip away with Maggie for a private farewell. But he’s the one all the other summer workers turn to when the party gets too wild, and this is definitely the wildest party of the summer. Is the island big enough for them to escape their meddling friends and release the passion burning inside them?

You can catch up with Gabe and Maggie when they meet again fifteen years later, in Maui Rekindled.

This was good enough to make me want to hunt out Maui Rekindled. It's basically the summer two teenagers met, hooked up, and planned to have a future together. Quick and fun, what more do you want?

She was the kind of girl he looked for at UC Berkley. A keeper. One worth investing time and emotion on. But summer romances rarely worked into anything more, so he kept it casual, hooked up with one or two of the girls he knew wouldn't get attached. Maybe it made him sleazy in Maggie's eyes, but it was out of respect for her.

Le Bullshit!

Astrophysicist Dr. Jay Walters needs to find enough energy to launch and control a spaceship for Planet Chromefield’s new space program. When sexy Lorna, the object of his fantasies, seduces him one day at lunch, he discovers what may be the greatest source of sexual energy between her shapely legs. His hunch is proven correct when he tests her energy during a private experiment. But when he instructs her to get as horny as she possibly can, she needs a little help from the doctor.

Jay is a major moodkiller in this one. Way too addicted to his work! She's lying on a table, trying to get herself 'off' and all he can do is stare at data while encouraging her to watch porn. Eh.

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