Naughty Nooners #7-9

Reaper’s Justice is set in the world of the Western Wind series, but can be read as a standalone story.

Kasid Jaborn never thought he would find his soul mate. He had given up hope of ever knowing the gentleness of a woman’s hand upon his body. Locked down behind the steel doors of the Reaper compound, Kasid runs into the one woman destined to be his. In the sweltering heat of the closed building where the Citadel’s air-conditioning has failed and tempers are beginning to flare red-hot, Kasid and his ladylove start their own raging inferno.

This story was great! It had everything I go for: Mate bonding, a male POV, goddesses, tats, well schooled virgins, sweaty palms, passionate kisses, and... formal speaking. Yeah, formal speaking. That which is usually found in historical romance or some such. It got a tad cheesy, but it worked. Definitely curious about this Western Wind series. There wasn't anything western about this one.

He had died at the hands of evil and had been brought back to life to destroy mankind. He had rebelled to save the humanity he had been destined to annihilate. Now he had been reborn in the arms of the one woman in all the megaverse who had been created just for him. He was whole for the first time. He had found peace at last.

Part of the Cougar Challenge series and a sequel to Beauty of Sunset.

John and Edie are in a rut. At a loss for how to recapture their magic, they decide on a holiday in the Seychelles to talk and recuperate from their busy lives. When Edie arrives, she finds herself alone, and wonders if John is really committed to their affair. When John arrives he has surprising news for Edie, but first, he needs her in his bed. But is this one last time or does he have more in mind?

SS went beyond my expectations which, granted, were not very high to begin with. It starts out great. Edie is in her hotel room awaiting her lover for a romantic weekend when he calls to tell her that his flight has been delayed. A little bit phone sex starts to happen and then, bam, suddenly John's voice isn't coming through the phone anymore. He's in the room.

Cute. Sweet. Sexy.

All of the above.

Strange end. Vasectomies aren't exactly in my happy ever after guide book.

Alise has been in love with Mac since she moved to New Eden, Washington. Unfortunately, the sexy attorney considers her a friend…and not one “with benefits”. Just as Alise decides unrequited love is for fools and poets, a freak thunderstorm plummets the town into darkness and traps her with the man who has starred in her every erotic fantasy for the past year. A blackout. Wine. A gorgeous man. Anything could happen.

Note: Readers first met Alise and Mac in Ms. Simone’s Sweet Ultimatum.

Another goodie. But the end... it... Well it's not a cliffhanger persay but I guess I didn't grasp it all that well. Who was talking? It had to be Mac. Right?


Redd said...

Okay. You had me in tears laughing over this...

1st the formal speaking. *cue soundtrack* Heh...sorry. And I'm the one who love Austen and Bronte. *chuckles*

Then, the vasectomy comment had me snickering.

Now the gem. 'Who was talking? It had to be Mac. Right?' LMAO! *gasping for air*

Damn chica...heh...oh and I read the Beauty of Sunset. It was kinda sleeper for me. Not like Drilled or Play it again Sam. Whoo...*fans self thinking about 'em* Needing water now. ;)

Redd said...

Oh...*jabs you* You know just because it says Western doesn't mean that it's cowboy related. Booger.

Ragan said...

Quote::[You know just because it says Western doesn't mean that it's cowboy related.]

Yes, I know that NOW! Question remains, what then is Western?

Redd said...

Oy....*makes face @ you*