Never accuse Coach Tony Peterson of being a quitter, on the gridiron or in his personal life. For a year, his attempts to date Lowell High’s hot little choral director have failed. Melanie Ward is convinced that touchdowns and tempos don’t mix, despite Tony’s irresistible charm. When Tony finally wrangles a date, he schools Mel in blazing explorations of the physical kind. But for Tony, the night isn’t just about scoring—he’s playing for keeps.

I'm actually going to blog a book, and at the moment I'm only 40% done but... wow. This one started out on all the wrong marks. I wanted to stab every single character sitting at the table. But it got good. Quick.

"Dammit, Mel. Don't joke around. I'm a man teetering on the edge here."
She ran her hand along his chest seductively, not stopping until her fingers rested on the waistband of his jeans. "Jump."

The sex was hawt and the football analogies rocked! Oh yeah. A keeper.

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