Taste the Rainbow

This week I read my first male-on-male and girl-on-girl erotica. First of all, let me share my thoughts on homosexuality. Just to throw that out there. What people do with their lives is none of my business. I am not here to judge. That's God's job. Live and let live. Die and let burn.

I do support gay marriage.

I do believe marriage is a sacred institution. But let's get real. It hasn't been that way in our society in... ever! Divorce is murder. What gives straight people the pedestal to be the only ones able to trash such a sacred union. It's hypocritical.

On the same hand... I don't believe homosexuality is natural. That's just stupid.

So okay... male on male. I read Changing Perspective by Marilu Mann. Basically it's about a guy, who's also a wolf shifter (did not know that going in) and he meets a new guy in town looking for a job, room, and board, and apparently has no pack. Firstly... it didn't turn me off exactly. But... I don't think I read it right. My mind wouldn't cooperate. I kept picturing a man and a woman even though neither guy had any feminine qualities whatsoever. I did, though, get very confused when it came to who was poking who. LOL. Yeah, I went there.

Girl on girl. I read First Taste by Paisley Smith. Did not gross me out. Did not excite me. That's good, right? I didn't have the problem visualizing as I did with the men. I quite clearly imagined two chicks. I'm a girl, I guess that helps. I was introduced to a new toy in this book. Didn't sound very comfortable.

Overall... apparently as long as it's just two people I'm good to go. Previous to these two I read Outlaw Lovers Dossier by Jan Springer. Basically, it's just a couple interviews with the main male characters of her series in which four men claim one woman. I was so pissed, which grew increasingly with every page. The only one that maybe kinda possibly had me intrigued was the one where the guy and his woman were together before the law declared a woman had to be owned by multiple partners. It had a bitter sweetness to it and it raised the question of jealousy.

I did like one of the guys' answers as to what was his favorite sex toy. So cute.


Redd said...

Is it bad when I consider this your funniest entry yet? Who poking who? Heh...that's a nice clean version. *grins*

A new toy? Nevermind, don't think I wanna know.

4 on one? I was hard pressed to understand that one in that one book I read. But it worked itself out pretty well to where it was basically Jaime and Reagan (or was her name Reese?) I can't remember...

Ragan said...

It appeared the equivalent of a guy sharing his girl with his buddies. In that series he shared with his brothers. One man loving one woman so much that he wanted to pass her around his closest friends/family members. Just eww!

Redd said...

and kinda strange too. there's actually something not right about it really. but do you know you had me jonesing for skittles after the title?