July 2010
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29 Total

01] A SEX GOD by Ashley Ladd
02] ARRAN'S LURE by Saskia Walker
03] BETTER LEFT UNSAID by Ellen Ashe
04] BRIGAND LOVE by Isabelle Drake
05] CHANCE ENCOUNTER by Shermaine Williams (f/f)
06] COME TO ME by Desiree Holt
07] DON'T ASK, DON'T TELL by Ashley Ladd (Two couples. All soldiers. All bi.)
08] EVANGELINE by Sedonia Guillone
09] FAST CARS, LOUD MUSIC by Sam Winston
10] GOING DOWN by Lexie Davis
11] HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME by Barbara Huffert (Eww eww eww)
12] HER DAWGIE VALENTINE by Tonya Ramagos
13] HONKY-TONK by Summer Jordan
14] JESS'S NEW TOY by Dakota Rebel
15] MIDNIGHT DESIRES by Kris Norris
16] PASSION'S WINGS by Alysha Ellis
17] PHOTO FINISH by Alexis Fleming
18] SEX IN A SUIT by Ann Cory
19] SIREN SONG by Shermaine Williams (f/f/m)
20] SOMETHING BORROWED by Lisabet Sarai (m/m/f)
21] SUMMER EXPOSURE by Victoria Blisse
22] THAT NIGHT IN PARIS by Saskia Walker (m/f | f/f)
23] THE INTERVIEW by Lisabet Sarai (mult)
25] THIEVES' HONOUR by Lisabet Sarai
26] TO COMFORT A VAMPIRE by Victoria Blisse
27] WATCH ME by Lexie Davis
28] WORDLESS by Charlotte Stein
29] YES, SHE CAN by Jude Mason

So apparently just because a man and a woman are portrayed on the cover of a book in the throes of ecstasy, it doesn't necessarily mean the book has anything to do with a MAN and a WOMAN. Go figure. I did get to read my first orgy in this experience. Nasty things happened there.

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Redd said...

I read only one or two...I'm a bit nervous about tiptoeing here. *grins*

*hugs* Hope you're having fun wherever!! XD when you get back I want the low down on the Last Airbender. 'kay? XD