Movie: Inception

Ever since Romeo&Juliet, Leonardo DiCaprio has had the hardest time finding a soft spot in my heart. He still hasn't found it, but I did appreciate his role in Inception.

3rd Rock From The Sun has had a similar impact on Joseph Gordon-Levitt but he rocked this one. It was as much his film as it was Leo's.

This movie is wicked awesomeness!

Strangely enough, this movie has not been very popular at the theater. Not as popular as it should be. I guess when you say it's about a guy that can infiltrate your dreams there's an immediate turn off. But damn, that's only the beginning.

Cobb can delve into a person's mind, to the core of their subconscious. And he is the best as what he does. For that, he's presented with the job of entering the mind of one of the most successful businessmen in the world and to plant an idea in his head. Yes, this all about money. But not for Cobb. He wants to go home to his children and there's a semi-complicated reason why that's an impossibility at the moment.

So he assembles a team of very intelligent, very successful people and sets forth on achieving what is the impossible - inception - and plant an idea without the target ever knowing it was planted at all.

This is a psychological film. Most people out there likely will not appreciate the logic. But for those, there's action. And woh, is there action! The hallway... the tri-level dreams... limbo... and at the core is an emotional love story.

I lost myself in the craziness. At one point, when Fischer stands face to face with the door to his subconscious, I had this dawning realization. Everything they did... was to plant a single idea. Just an idea.

In the end, though, I dare you to try to remember the names of the characters. I couldn't. There was too much going on for that... and you'll be holding your breath to the very end!

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Redd said...

I heard that the movie was crazy. *grins* the movie poster pic?? is that who I think it is??