Alpha Awakening

An afternoon spent avoiding his sister places Rush Donovan on a collision course with Fate. Interrupting a possible violent disturbance brings him face to face with the one woman he never wanted to meet.

His mate.

Luv, luv, looooooooved this story! A true sweet-hearted tale of an alpha finding his mate. And not overly sexed, which I rather enjoy on occasion.

As Rush, a detective and alpha of his wolf shifter pack, waits in line to order some coffee he overhears a woman telling her overly aggressive ex to leave her alone. Just before the situation turns violent, Rush intervenes and finds that an afternoon spent chatting over coffee with his damsel in distress is just the beginning of a life he never knew he wanted.

Rush wasn't one of those alphas who likes to 'get around'. He watched his mother fall apart after the death of his father and the idea of finding a mate has always been bittersweet in his mind. With his mother's passing when he was fifteen, he found himself the guardian to his little sister and had to grow up fast. When he was twenty-one his wolf demanded he challenge the ruling alpha. So, yeah, as I said, he's grown up fast.

When he finds his mate, it's surreal. He savors each and every feeling awakened inside him, while at the same time finds himself truly torn between putting the pack first and giving in to his need to be with his human mate. When his sister, Sheridan, shows an objection to his care for Kaisha, he's forced to face where his loyalties lie.

Of course, Sheridan's attitude stems from a misunderstanding and everything works out well until the story veers to Kaisha's own personal issues. Wolf-shifters are one thing. Love is something else entirely.

❝“I’ve never heard you laugh like you do for her,” she (Sheridan) said. “I’ve never seen you be alpha like you are for her. You couldn’t see your expression when you came into the room. You were prepared to fight for her, even against me,” she finished calmly, with a total lack of tonal inflection.❞

And yes, I loved this cover because Rush is to die for and that model captures him *perfectly*.


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wow. 3 posts in a 2 day period. i'm in shock! XD

actually this one sound very intriguing. may have to slap this one on the tbr list. XD

Ragan said...

I also read Convincing Cate... a cougar story. lol

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