Hit & Miss: Mythconceptions #1

Nothing like a little foray into BDSM to make a girl feel good about herself. When Kat Toomy discovers her lover cavorting on her bed in her underwear with his best buddy, she knows it's time to kick his butt out of there and go looking for something to restore her confidence in herself. Kat's girlfriends offer her a weekend away on a tropical Australian resort that specializes in fulfilling fantasies and she's all for it, particularly when she meets her new Master, Gabe Carpenter, who can turn her on with the flick of a button. But how will Kat and Gabe feel when they find out they've been set up?


This was my favorite BDSM story *ever*. Basically because these two had no idea whatsoever what they were doing.

Kat blurts out her birthday wish - to be locked away, dominated sexually, and screwed six ways from Wednesday - to her friends, and an eavesdropping Gabe.

Gabe, a temporary replacement while Cupid is out - has no experience in BDSM whatsoever. But when he accidentally shoots Kat in the ass with a golden arrow, he's forced to play the partner in her weekend fantasy. He even buys himself a grocery bag full of toys, costume complete with mask, and an instruction manual to ensure he doesn't screw anything else up.

Too freakin funny!

Of course, it doesn't help that a woman who says she wants to be the submissive is actually quite the dominating one. And it takes a surprise visit from Eros himself to set it all right.

Oh yeah. A man on his knees.

“Do you acknowledge that I am your Master?” He stared at her, a small smile on his lips.

All she could do was nod. If she didn’t play along, she’d burst into giggles and ruin the whole mood he’d set up.

He shocked the shit out of her when he leaned over and snapped a bright red and silver collar about her neck. Attached to it was a twisted red tether. He hooked his hand through the loop at the end and turned towards the door of the bure. “Then come. My appetite needs to be satisfied.”

Kat scrambled to her feet. “I hope you don’t expect me to crawl on my knees after you, buster. Ain’t gonna happen.”

He raised one eyebrow at her. “I didn’t you permission to speak, slave. But to answer your question, I’ll allow you to walk behind me this time. When I want you to crawl on your hands and knees, you’ll know.”

She shivered at the promise in his words and meekly allowed him to tug on the tether. They’d reached the little patio at the front of the building when he suddenly stopped and looped the end of the lead over the post of the patio railing.

“Wait here, I’ve forgotten something.” With that, he disappeared back inside.

“Hey, you’re not…” Kat’s words trailed off as he shut the door behind him. What did he think she was, a damned dog he could leave tied up to a pole? Like hell!

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