Misery Loves Company

Every cry for help is heard even when no one is there.

Uncontrollable events and too many bad decisions have pushed Lola to the brink of self-destruction. To help break away from her depression she rents an isolated picturesque cottage, to rest, meditate, and explore a new passion- art. It is a valiant effort to start life again.

But she isn't alone in her misery. A shadow moves, a voice calls, a hand reaches for her from beyond. She has awakened another, a dark unearthly man, whose tortured existence is wracked with pain.

Barriers of time and space crack as their empathy and their passions explode. Once promises are made, however, she discovers just how horrifying her circumstances have become.

Misery loves company, especially when reality dissolves.

This is a seriously creepy story. Not erotica. More... borderline horror. A woman who is a recovering alcoholic after her husband left her rents a cabin for two weeks as she tries to rebuild. There, she finds the ghost of a man who committed suicide some time ago.

And well, there's really only one way they can be together.

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Redd said...

And it's a Lust Bite?? Oy...but it sounds interesting if not a lil strange...