Unmasking the Mercenary

Unmasking the Mercenary
Nothing's going to sway Rem D'Evereux from his mission of vengeance. Especially not the beautiful intel operative who's just cut in on his turf—and put her life in jeopardy. If the only way to protect her is to keep her by his side, day and night, so be it.

Haley Engen's counter-terror work means everything to her, until she glimpses the man behind the mercenary's ruthless reputation. She knows what it's like to be haunted by the past. As passion explodes in the midst of danger, she gives Rem a stark choice. Revenge, or the woman who loves him for everything he is?


What's better than a hot merc?

Actually, in my list of desirable guys mercenaries fall second to successful men in corporate America. Third being Special Ops and SWAT, but mercenaries are oh so sexy!

Rem is a man hell bent on revenge for the murder of his sister. Hailey is a former POW who doesn't want to remember the torture her body endured, and thankfully she can't. Yet. Despite their painful histories and the present threats to their lives, Rem and Hailey waste no time finding healing and strength in one another's arms. First day and she's already at peace in his arms, falling asleep against him in his bed.

Rem is the broken soul. The undiscovered hero. The guy who doesn't see how good and honorable he really is. All he sees is the darkness and his faults. And it's all he expects others to see.

Great story. Entertains all the way through. Then comes the end. And... well, I'm just not sold on it when a woman has to tell a guy to *tell* her he loves her. Nuh-uh. Not so yummy there.

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