Arctic Shift: Denali Heat #1

Arctic Shift: Denali Heat, Book 1
She believes in myths…can she believe in destiny?
Unlike her adventurous sister, Ruby is perfectly content to let her mind be the wanderlust while her body stays safely in Chicago. Melanie wouldn’t be out of touch this long without a damned good reason, though. Which means it’s time for a giant step outside her comfort zone.

While Denali National Park is like another planet, the myths and legends that saturate this wild land are right up her alley. The wilderness guide waiting for her—naked in her bed—looks about as safe as a polar bear.

Carson’s people are kin to the great beast, right down to the white hair. Before Ruby ever set foot in Alaska, his inner bear knew that Melanie’s little sister was his mate. He’s doing his level best not to let his primal needs scare her, but everything about her sends his urge to possess her into overdrive.

To his surprise, revealing he’s a shifter only stimulates her innate curiosity. Warming her with the perfect fire of their lovemaking, easy. Convincing her that real love isn’t a myth—and making her want to stay in his home, his bed, his heart—now, that’s a problem…

Highly praised by Redd- the person I love and respect most on the net- Arctic Shift forced it's way to my to-read list. Her review, and a number of clippings, is here.

Ruby has left her home in the noisy city of Chicago to chase after her missing sister all the way to Alaska. Her first night she dreams of being made love to by a man that can shift into a bear and awakes to find him in her bed.

Carson has been dreaming and longing for his mate ever since Ruby's sister Melanie showed him her picture. The need to be near her is inescapable. To hold her. To love her. And he doesn't leave her much breathing room. Thankfully, for him, Ruby is very open to the situation and it doesn't take much, besides time, to convince her that she belongs with him.

My first thought while reading this book- other than the sex dream being rather nice -was that this was book one, right? All the talk of James and Melanie had me wondering and the constant reference to their story (one that seemingly doesn't exist) grated my nerves.

There were so many things that made me smile in this book, however, and it's a very big HOWEVER, I could not fall for Carson. He was too 'just because' and once he started spouting off about his women I wanted to skin him.

When I was done I did have to search Lucky Charms on Amazon. Sure enough, it was there. Did not know that! LoL

“What can I do?”

“You can strip and crawl into my lap.” He slowly lifted his gaze to rake her body, leaving a trail hotter than any fire ever could. “You can unzip my jeans and suck my cock into your mouth.” Snap pulled, zipper down, echoing loud in the silence. “You can admit you want me just as fucking much as I want you, that you want my mouth between your thighs just like last night.” Jeans off, naked man crossing the distance to where she stood immobile, speechless, completely hungry for every word, every vision his words painted. “You can bend over the arm of the couch and scream when I thrust forward. You can ease this pain I’m in, but…” He gripped the back of her head in such a tender, gentle grip which, given his words, should have not been possible. He should have been rough, harsh in his hold on her. “But if you aren’t going to do any of those things, you can march yourself right up those stairs and back into the bedroom. You can lock the door and not come down until the sun is high in the sky..."

Seriously, where the hell is the prequel to this story?!!

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Redd said...

*grins* I *really* had a strong feeling that this was gonna happen. XD When I finished it I debated whether I should warn you and then I wondered *how* to warn you.

*shrugs* Lissa already knows what quirks of hers kinda makes me scream. And believe me from what I hear she gets a *lot* of stuff. To put it nicely.

This is her first shifter foray and I think you can kinda tell in the writing some hesitation. Or tentative steps. You should read her contemporaries...mmmmuuucchhh better. But I do like Carson. *grins*

For a chica who loves the Alpha schtick I'm surprised of your grryness over his possessiveness. *grins*

In Bare Necessities, there were alot of that, but whole 'nuther author, and in more humorous light. *grins & smoosh hugs you*