Back From Hell

Back from Hell
They are Night Stalkers, two sisters born to hunt and destroy evil.

For years a man has joined Jenai in her dreams. He makes sweet, hot love to her, and knows her better than anyone else. Now she has finally met him.

After years of searching, Ronan has found her. His mate, the woman he has dreamed of for decades. He has been sent to recruit her and her sister Stephanie to join the powerful organization he works for. If he can't recruit them…he has orders to kill them. A trap has been set—intended to kill them all.

Fighting their way to freedom, Ronan and the sisters flee, determined to defeat the evil that stalks them. Sparks fly between the intended soul mates. But a misunderstanding causes Jenai to run away…straight into a deadly evil that may very well cost her soul. Only Ronan can find her, but their bond is still too new. He must risk his life, his sanity, and his very soul to save the woman he was born to love.

*This book contains scenes of rape and violence.

I always want to do a little dance when I pull up a Shiloh Walker book. She manages to transport me into her world in a way no other author ever has. And this time was no different- and this time her chosen world was Hell.

Cha cha cha!

Jenai dreams of a man, a man who makes her weak in the knees and helpless to deny him. But Jenai has had enough of destiny. Her entire life is dictated by it, and she won't be persuaded by Ronan that he is anything more than a figment of a dream despite his curses and pleas that she knows otherwise.

There's a pretty good backstory to Jenai and Stephanie King. Jenai's mother was raped by a vampire, therefore endowing some of the more desirable vamp traits on Jenai. Stephanie was born seven years later after their mother married a werewolf. Today, they're both living as Night Stalkers, killing the evil crazies of both the vampire and werewolf race.

Ronan, Jenai's mystery dream man, has been given the task of recruiting the vigilante sisters- or eliminating them. The latter of which he has no intention of doing. He recognizes the photo of his mate and he'll be damned if anyone thinks to take her out of existence.

Let me make very clear that this is as much Stephanie's story as it is Ronan and Jenai's. About midway in the story things take a turn. Ronan comes to realize the entire thing is a setup and it's really him that's the target. As the trio takes cover after a near fatal attack, Jenai takes off and ends up face to face with the man she and her sister have been hunting for three years.

Captured by him, Jenai is then given to demons.

Now when I'm warned about rape in a book, I expect the worst and well... this was mild at best. The worst part of it was that Ronan had slipped into Jenai's mind and shared the entire experience with her. Even though she didn't know he was ever there.

This is the first Shiloh Walker book that was actually right smack in my current topic of interest- shifters finding their mates. Though it was certainly the darker side of the theme. It's also fast paced and jumpy which makes it rather confusing most of the time. And Beau confounded me. The guy came out of nowhere and remained an enigma the entire time.

Crazy though, I was contemplating getting my hands on a copy of Dante's Inferno and giving it a read in the near future, then I opened up this book where Ronan crosses into Hell to rescue Jenai. Kinda creepy. Gotta be thankful, though, for friends in creepy places. 'Friends' being a very subjective word in this case.


Redd said...

I luv your reviews. Straight and to the point. Gagged on the soul mates..mates or what have you part...lmao at this part..

**Cha cha cha!**

Ragan said...

It sounds like I pretty much gave away the whole story but there is a *lot* I left out. Like who the guy was they were hunting. Why Jenai took off. Who Beau was. Who the friend was. There was a lot going on!