Lucas: Black Cougar #1 (pt 1)

Kira MacDonald is in trouble. Plagued by false visions and erotic dreams of a man she's never met, she fears losing both her psychic powers and her sanity. The cure? Finding and bonding with her mate. The stubborn red-haired warrior might not want one, but fate has other plans, plans that include her rescuing Lucas Gunn.

As the Guardian of his shapeshifting clan, Lucas Gunn lived a quiet, solitary life until he was kidnapped, examined, and tortured. Now imprisoned, his only tie to the outside world is the memory of his dreams and the passionate woman who appears in them. He thought she was nothing more than a vision. Then she came for him.

An uneasy alliance, a mating call that won't be denied, rituals that must be honored, and unrelenting enemies who will stop at nothing to get what they want. It all comes together in the first of Eliza Gayle's sensational Black Cougar Series. Passion and pride. Duty and danger. In the end, there's really only one choice...for Lucas.

Kira feels the control of her psychic abilities slipping away, and the mating call that brings dreams of a imprisoned lover (that just might be her mate) is just making it worse. When a vision brings her the knowledge of her mate's location, she bravely goes in to investigate. And finds herself his hostage.

Lucas has been locked in a cell, questioned about the existence of his clan of shifters. His only peace comes from the sexual dreams starring an unknown woman. When she shows up out of nowhere claiming to want to save him, he doesn't immediately recognize her in the darkness surrounding them. Even after, he somehow stays convinced that she's out to kill him. Being the 'I only trust myself' type, I suppose that's expected.

Fond memories came to surface of Max Hunter and Sasha Trudeau from L.A. Banks' Crimson Moon series. *swoon* I loved their first meal together.

Lucas is none too bright. In fact, he's a dumbass. Kira knows exactly what he is and she wants to help him (which she keeps telling him), but in his mind he has kidnapped her and is using her as insurance against the people chasing him. Like I said, he's a dumbass. So what if he thinks she's in on some major conspiracy against him. If he would listen to one godsdamned thing she had said... Then I would have been spared a lot of chest pain.

So after two days the bright guy finally takes notice of her cougar birthmark and figures out she's of the Dragon clan. Yeah, that's right. Cougar birthmark equals Dragon clan. Hmm. Maybe it's not so much his fault he's so dense. Then again, he also chooses this time to blow up in a rage that she's a traitor to their clans and blah blah blah. And then he storms away.

Once a-freakin-gain, Kira has to scream at him that she is there to help him. A connects to B, and then B to C and suddenly Lucas has connected the dots. She dreamwalked with him. He's her mate. Liiiiiiiight bulb!

And I'm only at 37% at this point.

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Hee! called Lucas a dumbass....*grins*