Making A Scene

Pamela Flynn is the author of the popular Tanaka & Shields series, about a hot Philadelphia detective duo whose upcoming fourth book will no doubt send Pam into the bestseller stratosphere. Or so believe her editor and agent, since a prestigious production company wants to turn the series into a movie. But only on one condition: Pam has one week to deliver a scene in which the sexy Philly cops finally drop the double entendre and do the down and dirty. But ever since Pam tossed out her live-in boy-toy after she caught him in bed with her oldest friend, she’s been cursed with a perpetual blank page. And if writer’s block isn’t bad enough, she can’t even get a decent cup of coffee.

So when Pam ends up at the new bistro, Serious Joe, she doesn’t realize how much inspiration can be packed into a gratis cup of coffee from the cafe’s steaming-hot owner, Roark Carmelli. But even though it’ll take a few Mocha Javettes, several croissants, a stakeout, a wild train trip, a gun to the head and the beta version of the mile high club, with Roark’s help, Pam’s betting she can make the scene!

Pam can't bring herself to write a sex scene, especially since she caught, and watched, her long time friend and her own boyfriend having a kink fest in her own bedroom. Enough to traumatize any girl, but certainly devastating to a writer who needs to produce the goods in order to make a million dollar book/movie deal.

Needing a break in the worst way, Pam heads outside for some fresh air and a walk and ends up spotting the new coffee house, owned by Roark Carmelli. Sex on a stick and coffee, I'm thinking this is right up Redd's alley.

A delicious variety of fantasies fill up the tale that is not so much focused on the love story, but a time in a woman's life. As the story itself is told, we also see how her latest book is coming together and with Roark's help, Pam's characters more or less come to life, with herself and Roark in the leading roles. What writer would deny herself that? To have the world you've created jump off that page and surround you.

Trudy Doyle writes some rather hot smut (10 out of 10) and is actually quite comical with her delivery of it and everything else.

The last chapter, an excerpt from Tanaka and Shields #4, was just a sweet addition to the end. I can't say it was a perfect scene, but it belonged there.

Making A Scene is available for free at AllRomanceEbooks.com.

Author, Trudy Doyle's blog contains listings of her other books, including sequels to Making A Scene.


Redd said...

i'm sold. i'm a sucker for a read on a writer. *grins* and i'm seeing a lot of yummies for free here... ;) thanks B!

Ragan said...

Oh yeah, it's got tons. I picked up a couple. Had to contain myself. =)

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Redd said...

Readin' it now! and luvin it!!!