Pack Alpha: Were Chronicles #1

Marissa Boyd finds herself drawn into a world she can never be a part of, complete with an Alpha wolf who takes whatever he wants. And he wants her. Marissa Boyd knows, as a non-shifter, she doesn't belong in Pack territory. She braves a visit to attend her sister's mating ceremony and meets the shifter who will change her entire life and beliefs. Gage Wolf knows Marissa is hiding a pained past. As Alpha, he must do whatever it takes to protect his pack, and he considers Marissa a part of that group. Making her his is just an added benefit. When Marissa's old lover tries to claim her for his own, Gage knows he will never let her go and sets out to prove that to everyone else. Now he just has to make her understand that she belongs with the pack and to the Pack Alpha.

As a shifter that can't shift, Marissa knows all about the ultimate rejection that can come from a Pack and she's armed herself with an attitude to rail against it. When she turns that weapon on Gage, the Alpha of her sister's new pack, she quickly discovers her mistake.

Gage isn't taking Marissa's shit. Despite the instant attraction that flares up for the visiting female, he's able to send a very clear message that Marissa should mind her manners and her mouth.

*sigh* Gage reminds me so well why I love a dominate man.

After their first sexual encounter I needed a cold drink break. Actually, I think it was mid scene and the room was already ten degrees hotter.

In her former pack, Marissa was caught bedding the Alpha's son and thrown out of the pack and territory as punishment for breaking a law that, unbeknownst to her, didn't exist. (Non-shifters and shifters weren't allowed to mate.)

After she surrenders to her desires for Gage, she wants only to protect him from the shame of being with a non-shifter and to save her sister, Elizabeth, from losing her new mate and family. She prepares to run but is thwarted by a very angry Gage who forces Marissa and Elizabeth to tell him everything they've been led to believe.

Then Brandon, their former Alpha's son, shows up and it becomes a Council issue on the verge of an all out war between the Packs.

This is a must read. Definitely made it to my Favorites list because Gage is so freaking awesome! All Alpha, all the time. Always in control, and you know it!

Oh the hotness!

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