Savage Love

Bite Me!: Savage Love
Kelly Walker will do anything to catch her sister's killer, including entering a world she'd had no idea existed, and giving her heart to a man not completely human.

Kelly Walker is determined to bring down the man who killed her sister. One year later and there still hasn't been an arrest made. She knows there is an on-going investigation headed by the attractive and intriguing Alex Gray. The only man who has ever been able to touch something deep inside her she'd rather not know about. Their attraction is almost animalistic.

Alex Gray has tried for a year to keep Kelly out of the investigation he's given two years of his life for. But when he finds her trapped with the man he knows has killed before, he must risk everything to protect her. Showing her what he really is and what they are up against could cost him the one thing he's waited his entire life for—a mate.

Hot, sweet damn!

So if ever shifters and vamps existed in our world and things occurred much like with what happened with Kelly, then that's-no doubt-exactly how it would go down. I loved how Kelly discovered that Alex was a shifter. It was as close to perfection, in my mind, as it gets. Kudos to Marcus.

On the one year anniversary of her sister's death, Kelly is determined to face the man responsible, unbeknownst to her that that man is actually a vampire. When the vamp finally takes notice of Kelly, Alex is forced to do whatever necessary to protect her and all the secrets he's carefully hidden become the star topic of their conversations.

Kelly is too cute and is quick to bounce back from the explosive shock that has rocked the world as she knew it. A vampire murdered her sister. And the man she can't fight an attraction to is a shifter. Meanwhile, Alex is the picture of gentility and patience. Yays for Alex!

I downloaded the Were Chronicles by Crissy Smith at the same time as I did this one.
After this, fair warning, expectations are high.

Kelly bit her lip nervously. “Can you really turn into a wolf?"

"You know I can,” Alex said patiently.

"And Craig is really a vampire?'


"Okay.” Kelly pushed at his chest, and Alex stepped back.

She jumped off the counter, but before she could walk away, he stopped her with a hand on her arm. “Where are you going?"

"I have to find a stake or something so I can kill Craig.”

That just tickled me. =) The girl's got spunk.

The door beside her flew open. Kelly jumped and swung out blindly, but a hand clamped around her wrist. Her breath whooshed out as she was yanked from her seat and slammed against the truck. She looked up and into the angry eyes of Alex.

"What the hell are you doing here?” he demanded.

Kelly took a deep breath, trying to figure out how to play this. “Hi honey, how's work?"

Alex growled and slammed his fist into the side of the vehicle. “Answer me!"

Kelly swallowed. “I was just sitting in the truck,” she said innocently.

"Kelly.” Her name came out as a growl, a warning.

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Redd said...

Yeah, those are definitely keeper quotes. *grins* I liked the first one...she has to go find a stake or something to kill Craig? with. Gotta luv that!