Saying Yes: Naughty Nooners

Zadie’s negative attitude leads to the loss of her boyfriend, job and flat. Now she’s determined to be a yes girl. Yes, she’d love to flat sit while the owner is away, but one look at the mess and she wishes she’d said no.

No is the last thing Tristan expects to hear when he proposes in front of his girlfriend’s family. Humiliated, he hides out in his brother’s empty flat without asking because he really doesn’t want to hear another no.

What he needs is a woman who’ll say yes…yes…yes… Could that be Zadie?

Who wouldn't want a guy that stashes empty beer cans and pizza boxes all over an otherwise gorgeous flat and pukes in the dishwasher. Oh yeah. Tristan is a real gem.

So what if he's drunk? That dishwasher stunt is unforgivable.

And yet, forgettable. Tristan is quite the charmer. And for the first time in her life, Zadie finds herself saying 'Yes' to any and everything. Share the bath? Sure. Out of condoms? No problem.

My first and only other book I've read by Elsborg failed miserably. This, however, was just great.

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Redd said...

great? Oy, B. *shakes head* You're killing me.