Steal Me

When London art collector Marcus Montcrief meets the mysterious Olivia at an auction where he buys a seemingly magic golden armband said to have belonged to one of the Vestal Virgins, he realizes quickly that taking her to bed comes at a high price.

I downloaded this one to my Nook app on my Android phone a couple weeks back. It was featured as a free read on Barnes and Noble.com here.

Olivia is an art thief with her eye on a particular piece, one that's been magically enchanted according to legend. When Marcus purchases her target at an auction, she has no problem getting him to fall for the oldest trick in the book and quickly arranges a date with him the following night.

While he's awaiting her at the restaurant, Olivia plans to make away with the treasured armband.

As fate would have it, Marcus is forced home before heading to their date and intercepts Olivia's plans. He then offers her a simple choice- prison or his bed.

Everything about this story was rather basic but the legend tied to the armband gave it an extra oomph that made it a rather good read.

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interesting. =)