TP & Marie Harte

Last night, Matt and I watched Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too? but before I get into that...

Foxy Lady by Marie Harte comes out this month as part of the Cougar Falls series. There's a free prelude available here from the author. Book two was In Plain Sight, which I loved, and contained the great 'wallet chick' moment which I'm still shocked to have discovered I was the only one who was familiar with the phrase.

Anyway, while hitting up her page for the deets, I found the re-release images from another series: The Storm Lords. And well, I thought they were kinda cute.

I'm partial to Gale Season. I wonder why.... And she's got some free reads I'll be adding to the Get-On-It list.

Now I am far from being a Tyler Perry fan. I hate what his movies to do this city. But I did watch part one so I had to see what transpired after which in part two.

Why Did I Get Married? was the story of four married couples having troubles in their relationships. Lots of secrets. Countless lies. In the end, though, they get together and make it work.

In Why Did I Get Married Too?, (and this will contain spoilers somewhat) we visit the same four couples only to tear them apart. I can't tell you how many times I screamed at the tv "How is this going to end?" because there truly was no chance at redemption in sight for anyone.

And well... what an ending. Just like in books, if you can't redeem your character, you're left with little else but to destroy him.


Redd said...

Not watching the movie. Medea does crack me up a bit because I do know half a dozen mothers like her. lol. The Beavers pic is cute. and two of the covers is the same guy with perhaps maybe three. They're okay. XD

Ragan said...

I figured 1,3 & 4 were the same guy. The dude on book 2 gives me the heebie jeebies. I love the theme and the color combination though.