Ultimate Kink: Quinn Securities #2

ebook, 173 pages
Published November 18th 2008 by Loose Id
ISBN13: 9781596328310

Partners in Quinn Security, there isn't anything Canin Quinn and Kasey Jordan won't do for the good of the company. Anything.

The job: Catch a serial rapist before he attacks again.

The plan: Go undercover in a sex club, the source of the attacks…posing as husband and wife.

Canin and Kasey spend a lot of their time exchanging sharp-tongued jabs. At the same time, Canin has been nursing a simmering attraction for the tough-as-nails, secretive Kasey. By moving into her apartment as part of their cover, Canin will take this gift-wrapped opportunity to change their friendship to something much more intimate.

Kasey has her reasons for keeping Canin at arms length, knowing that he could never accept her as a partner if he understood her most private needs. Working undercover together will test her ability to keep her secrets safe from the man whose respect she craves more than anything else in her life.

The sex club opens a world of bondage and voyeurism, as well as a host of other fetishes...and reveals secrets that neither of them ever thought they would share with another soul. This job will expose them to their ultimate kinks.

This story is too damn freakin' hot! OMG... OMG... Cameron Dane (whom I assume is female) is ridiculously good. This is only my first read of hers but it definitely won't be my last. Sadly though, she's predominately a m/m writer which I have little care for. She does have three other m/f that I'm oh so serious about checking out and there's couple menage on her list if you're into that. The link is here.

This book is aptly named. Lots of kink. The sexual kind for sure but also there's some kink to their pasts. Kasey was raped, violently, a long time ago and has never been able to move on. The only way she can feel comfortable having sex with a man is if he's tied up. Not a problem under current circumstances though...

Canin- oh my god, Canin -is the brother of Rhone who was the star of the first book in this series, Finding Home. Rhone and his lover, Adam, put it into Canin's head some time ago that Kasey is perfect for him. They belong together, damn it, and Rhone and Adam are hell bent on making it happen.

When a client comes to them needing assistance in finding a rapist that has victimized members of her sex club, Canin and Kasey are put undercover and forced to put on a show. And what a show it is!

This is definitely not a book for those that don't like a little kink or BDSM in their romance novels. The love story itself with Canin and Kasey is so sweetly bitter. He's falling hard and fast and just wants to fix everything that has haunted Kasey for so very long. Canin is strong, honorable, and protective- everything Kasey longs to surround herself with.

He's also everything a girl needs to conjure up a fantasy. Giggity!

Highly recommend this one... to those who can handle it, of course. =)

“How about we try the ultimate in kink?” Canin pulled her to him and tumbled them to the couch. Both on their sides, facing each other with only inches between them, closeness unlike anything Kasey had ever experienced rushed through her like fine wine. It warmed her, but at the same time had her near to struggling out of his gentle hold around her waist. “How about we do it in the boring old missionary position, right on this couch, just you and me. No cuffs, no restraints, no agendas, no hiding; just us.” He nuzzled his nose against hers, and rocked her hips into his. “I swear to God, Kase, it’ll be the fucking most erotic thing we’ve ever done in our lives.”

“No, I don’t do --”

He scraped a kiss against her lips, silencing her thought. “Maybe you didn’t used to do that, but that was before.” He grazed his mouth high on her cheek, and against her forehead. Then he drew back, far enough so that she could see his eyes and the absolute gentleness living within their fierce depths. “That was before me, before you shared a bed with me for a week, without any real problems other than when you had that nightmare. That was before you let me tie you up, no matter that it was ‘just for work,’ and were able to get through it, because deep down you already knew you trusted me and that I would never take advantage of your vulnerable position. And that was before we fell onto this couch right now, where I have my arm around your waist, and your hands are fiddling with the buttons on my shirt, driving me fucking crazy because I want them on me without anything in between us.

Finding Home (m/m)
Quinn Securities, #1
ebook, 97 pages
Published May 13th 2008 by Loose Id


Angela said...

I actually have these books to read! I should move them up the list. Of course, there are so many I say that about. Great review.

Ragan said...

Thanks, Angela.

I went crazy after this one and snatched up those three other m/f of Cameron's that I mentioned. =)