Wishful Thinking: Excerpts

So far this morning she had: one—called her elderly neighbor cheap and threatened to put her foot up her dog’s ass, two—had a harrowing moment of truth with the man she loved (well, was reasonably sure she loved, anyway), three—yelled at the little blind pencil boy and broken his glasses (okay, so he wasn’t blind and he wasn’t that little, but still!), four—she’d asked one coworker a rude question, told another to shut up, called a third slut, and told a fourth she wanted to see him naked. All in all it was the worst day of her life, hands down. And it wasn’t over. In fact, until she contacted her fairy godmother, it would never be over.

“This is Josh. You know—the Josh?” she gushed to her sister. “Isn’t he hot?”

Cass looked at him critically. “I’d have to see him naked to be sure.”

“Hey, hey, hey.” Phil stepped in front of her friend protectively. “He’s my best friend.”

“Meaning nobody gets to see him naked but you?” Rory wiggled her eyebrows comically.

“That’s not what I meant and you know it.” Phil felt her cheeks start to burn. “Rory, you know I’m engaged.”

“To a complete ass,” Cass said frankly. She stepped forward, extending a hand to Josh. “Nice to finally meet you. Any male friend of Phil’s who’s not her asshole fiancé is a friend of mine.”

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LMAO! Luv the first one as well...XD