Zombie Moon

Zombie Moon
Caleb Locke lived for one thing—killing zombies. And this man—this legend—was exactly what Samantha Wagner needed. In mist-shrouded alleys, hunted by zombies, haunted by fear, she vowed to find Caleb and convince him to help her. But she hadn't counted on falling in love….

Caleb kept his own secrets—like the one he couldn't hide when the moon was full. But his wolf was drawn to Samantha, recognizing her as his mate. With her in his arms, Caleb reveled in passion…and rued his deception. Would she still love the man who fought by her side if she realized that zombies weren't the only monsters? Samantha would have to make a choice—and she only had till the next full moon.

That's right, Neenie. I couldn't finish off my 275 without a little bit more of Devoti. =)

So she writes shifter. Then amazons. Naturally, zombies would come next in the procession, right?

Honestly I don't know what she was thinking but I was impressed with the beginning. Caleb sets his trap, a bit of human brains beside a dumpster, hides and waits. When finally a number of zombies close in he aims his shotgun and steadies his finger on the trigger.

But at the end of the alley, Samantha, too, has stumbled upon the scene. She raises her revolver and fires a single... worthless... shot. So yeah she's going to be a great addition to this team.

I couldn't help but be tickled when Caleb showed he cared for the first time. Man had to trash his newly bought bag of eight burgers because the Yoga-instructing vegetarian nurse had to give him grief. What's a wolf shifter to do about that except munch on his trail mix and peanut butter crackers?

They both had their secrets. And I hated Samantha for keeping hers, which made me realize I was growing quite protective of the lonely zombie hunter.

Then he kissed her, deep and hard, let every bit of pent-up desire free. He growled and nibbled at her lips, murmured things he knew she couldn’t hear, that he didn’t want her to hear, but that he couldn’t stop himself from saying. Words of love and desire and lifetime mates. Words that came from some part of his brain he’d never realized existed, but his wolf had. His wolf knew what was happening. His wolf knew what it wanted.

And for right now, Caleb was going to give that want to the beast.

He rolled again so she was under him, slipped his leg between hers and nudged her with his sex. She opened for him, not shy but eager, grabbed him and guided him inside her. Then she lifted her hips and met each of his thrusts with a need and vigor he’d thought only he could feel.

She moaned and scraped her nails over his back. She arched and threw back her head. And then as he thrust inside her, harder and faster, she grabbed at him and bit his shoulder. Her teeth sank into his skin and a roar escaped his throat. He bit her back, holding on to her neck with his teeth as he thrust one last time and exploded inside her.

Then as tiny puffs of air and release left her lips he held her, clung to her and wished like hell he didn’t ever have to let her go.

My only disappointment with the story would be that I would have liked a bit more detail in the deaths of his family which I understood was limited to his parents. A relief. The losing of wife and child is so played out.

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