Dirty Deeds

Dirty Deeds
Published March 24th 2010 by Liquid Silver Books
ISBN13 9781595786778

Bounty hunter Louie Russell has a job to do and a fugitive to catch. James "Jamie" McDonald has jumped on a $100,000 bond and Louie must bring him back. She always works alone until she finds herself shadowed by sexy older brother Paul McDonald, a man who shakes up her world and touches her heart.

All Paul McDonald wants to do is coach his hockey team and enjoy his post-NHL life in Spokane, Washington. At the same time, he's sick and tired of his brother's antics and now Jamie's gone too far. Paul will drag him back by the ear if he has to. So, when he starts to shadow the beautiful bounty hunter on his brother's trail, it's only because he wants to find Jamie as quick as possible. The fact that Louie's sexy and amazing has nothing to do with it. Or so he tries to tell himself.

When Jamie is murdered, the routine hunt becomes something much darker and far more threatening. Along with passion and love comes danger. Will they be strong enough to stop a killer cutting a wide path of death and destruction? Or will the truth be the final nightmare Louie can't survive?

Nothing short of fate, or coincidence for the skeptics out there, played a role in my opening up of this book just when my brother's hockey team is getting into the flow of their new season and my husband is itching for me to get back on the ice.

Paul McDonald is a former professional hockey player turned coach whose brother has just skipped out on a hundred grand bail, thus putting everything their parents have worked and sacrificed for in jeopardy. Pissed yet again at his screw up of a younger brother, Paul hits the ice with his skates, stick, and bucket of pucks to work off the aggression rolling under his skin where he's found by the bail enforcement agent on the case- Louise Russel.

Sparks don't immediately fly between the two, unless you count glacial stares and one foot in the mouth after another. In which case, I don't recommend it. It's a gradual attraction that makes it so much more heart touching when you finally get to the moment that Paul takes in Louie's beauty for the first time.

This story has a way of keeping you on your toes. You'll meet a character and a handful of pages later, their existence has drastically altered. So expect a lot of woah moments. One of the things I liked most about this book was that even though Paul's profession isn't pertinent to the story, it doesn't fade into a factual thing that's wasted. It's a part of him. And it stays with him.

His breathing was still heavy when he skated to the nearest door, stepped off the ice and onto the rubber pad with shaky legs.

"Hi." She looked a little tired and a little sad.

She looked beautiful.

He meant to say hello back and then did something that surprised him. He reached out, pulled her close, and kissed her hard and deep.

And he wasn't one bit sorry.

Both Louie and Paul have huge hearts and go out of their way to help those in need making them very endearing characters. The heat factor is rather low as the focus is more on the suspense and sibling relationships between Louie and Chris, and Paul and Jamie. Both are estranged but for very different reasons.

This story rocked and I loved the turn out of who the villain was- which you should begin to figure out around  the middle of the story. It just makes it better though. He's one cold SOB. 5 out of 5 stars. And I come away a newly made Canucks fan!


Tyhada said...

Great review Ragan. Sounds like a really good read. Love books full of suspense. Was looking at some of the covers on your side bars. Wow ~ Some of them are smokin' hot. ;)

Ragan (Location 2571) said...

Thanks, Christy. I'm amazed how many comments I get mentioning the steaminess of this blog.

I don't see it. *embarrassed*