Lycan Lover & Lycan Lust

Lycan Lover
ebook, 48 pages
Published January 12th 2010 by Amira Press
ISBN13 9781935348726

After her last boyfriend hid the fact he was married, Karen Samson decides to take a break from dating. Lately she’s burned out and bored with the daily humdrum routine of life. The only thing breathing spice into her ordinary existence is erotic dreams of a sexy green-eyed man.

After suffering years of loneliness, Anthony Wolfson finds his mate, Karen Samson. The problem; he’s werewolf, she’s human. His instincts scream to claim her. His need to protect urges him to woo her. Unbeknown to him, fate has another plan for them involving a young, cocky werewolf and a dark alley.

At a Halloween party with her two best friends, Karen finds the green eyed man that has been haunting her dreams for months. But all he asks for is one dance, and then proceeds to disappear once more into the shadows.

Anthony has been aware of Karen for a year but has put off claiming her after he found out about the painful break up she endured. She wanted time alone and he's given it to her. But when she shows up at the party dressed like a hotter than hell hooker, he can't keep away.

But later, as Karen walks home, her life is threatened and though Anthony intervenes, he's not enough to stop her from being assaulted and left changed into the were that he already is. An honor that should have been his. (The changing part, not the assaulting part. Duh)

I loved this little novella by S.K. Yule, whom I've never read from before. Anthony had all the best intentions and yet they were completely blown to hell by an arrogant half brained cub who just wanted to fuck around. The romance was sweet and the intimacy was mildly graphic and pleasing.

I want an epiphany like Karen's. When I find out wolf shifters are real, I want it to be when I've been turned into one. Wouldn't that be the ultimate surprise. 4 out of 5 stars.

Lycan Lust
ebook, 72 pages
Published July 9th 2010 by Amira Press

Rindy Trenton has been running from werewolves for most of her life. When she comes face to face with one by the name of Brent Falls, her whole world is turned upside down when his protective nature and touch inflame her.

Brent Falls has been searching for his mate his entire life, but he never expects to find her in the form of a werewolf-loathing, blonde spitfire named Rindy, who is hell-bent on hating him.

Can Brent convince Rindy that not all werewolves are monsters? Can Rindy overcome her life long fears, and accept that Brent loves her?

Brent is on the hunt for his mate. Even after he's found her, it's a constant there one minute, gone the next kind of chase. Despite being raised to command and conquer a female, Brent seeks a partner. Someone to respect him and love him. And so he walks the streets of Atlanta, following a scent that fades in and out.

While Brent and Anthony share many similar characteristics, Karen and Rindy are total opposites. Rindy has fight in her. In fact, she decks Brent the minute she sees him.

Rindy remembers all too well the day she realized the existence of lycans. They had come for her, and murdered her mother and sister to keep her.

I found this story far more amusing than the first. While Karen swooned at Anthony's affectionate words, Rindy reacts to Brent's heart-kept confessions with a what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-you look. Of course, that doesn't stop Brent gushy emotions.

He felt joy course through him. He wouldn’t be alone any longer. He’d have a mate to love, to cherish, to protect. He’d have someone to hold at night, to hug, someone to talk to. He’d have someone to run with in the woods . . . maybe. He’d been so excited over finding her, he’d never thought of her reaction once he told her he wanted to change her.

I would have liked Rindy to contemplate being changed a bit longer and was surprised to find telepathic conversing in Lycan Lust as I don't remember it being addressed in Lycan Lover. This gets the same rating as the first but was undoubtedly the better read. 4 out of 5 stars.


Laurie (BittenbyParanormalRomance) said...

Gteat reviews. S.K. Has an exellent vampire series and they are a longer read, but for some reason I fell in love with her werewolfs. I too liked the second book better and hope her third will be even better.

Ragan (Location 2571) said...

Thanks, Laurie. Don't mind a good vampire story but I've always preferred the wolves. I loved the honesty of Yule's characters. Their declarations don't come across as cheesy as others might in the same situations.

Carmel said...

These sounds like they're very good! Unfortunately, they are quite short, I tend to stick to full length books... But I also prefer wolves over vamps any day!

Redd said...

*grins* I do like the fact that Rindy decks Brent @ first meet. I can get behind that! lol!

I like this..'I want an epiphany like Karen's. When I find out wolf shifters are real, I want it to be when I've been turned into one. Wouldn't that be the ultimate surprise.'

As long as it was an epiphany and not a helluva shock. Then I like the idea. *grins* But to find out *after* the change that would be a hell to the fuck no. That would be a ratass kinda move.

'oh, i see *now* you're gonna tell me there are werewolves. *after* you've made me one.' But oddly still like your comment. lol.

Ragan (Location 2571) said...

Well, Anthony didn't change her. So, yeah if HE changed her and then HE told her, I would be a bit miffed.

I figure if you find out and aren't one, there's a fear factor. But if you're already one, then you're on equal turf. Right?