One Night With You

One Night With You
Published by Ellora's Cave (first published November 1st 2009)
ISBN13 9781419910791

Logan knew from the first time he saw Bo Martin that she was the one for him. They were just teenagers then, but he knew. He spent years quietly waiting for her to grow up and when he finally made his move, he moved too fast and scared Bo away. She stayed away for four years but circumstances outside his control kept him from going to her when she finally returned.

Now it's too late. Bo's engaged to one of Logan's best friends. But he'll be damned if he lets that wedding happen. All he needs is a little bit of luck, and one night to convince Bo that she belongs with him.

Logan's life is one big wait on Bo Martin, waiting for her to become a woman and then waiting four years for her to come home after disappearing to another county after two dates (and one night of passion) that they managed to share.

Then there's waiting for his case to end so he can go see her. Waiting again for her to talk to him. And then, bam, she's dating his cousin and after five freaking months, the two are getting married.

He scrubbed a hand over his face and turned away from the window. He caught sight of a picture on his desk. It was the only picture on the desk, one of the very few he had in the house.
It was Bo.

Time running out, and desperation setting in, Logan grabs up some chloroform and a cloth and puts a plan of kidnapping into action.

Another great read from Shiloh Walker. What more can I say... The plot itself was simple enough. After Bo lost her mother and watched her father fall apart, she became terrified of strong emotions. Love, of course, being the strongest of all.

Can't hate Logan for what he did as wrong as it may be to break up someone's relationship. And kidnapping a girl. Oh well. The price one pays for happily ever after. 4 out of 5 stars.