Seek and You Shall Find

Seek and You Shall Find
Published April 12th 2010 by Liquid Silver Books
ISBN13 9781595787019

Blackguard only wants to get back to the war his planet is fighting, but instead, he's picking up a woman. A seeker morph. She's been promised to him to cement an alliance his world desperately needs. When he's betrayed and all his men are killed, he's forced to flee without his promised morph.

Only a pod opens in the back of his shuttle.

The seeker morph, Annalisse, emerges. She's awake from stasis and is now in a sexual heat. Her body is demanding that she bond, and Blackguard is only too willing to fulfill her needs, except that he also must keep them safe from the enemies who betrayed him. Annalisse will become whatever the man she bonds with desires, only she finds Blackguard wants a woman much like she already is.

It's a race to a communications array that will allow him to get them off the planet in one piece. But once they lift off, Blackguard must resume his duties as ruler, which requires him to abandon Annalisse.

Will Blackguard seek out the woman he never knew he sought? Will Annalisse find the man who allowed her to stay true to herself?

Blackguard is a prince of a planet at war that is forced to take a time out to retrieve the woman his father has chosen for him to wed. His future bride is a rare seeker morph, a female who will evolve into her mate's dream woman becoming everything he dare want. Once awakened, she will be driven by urges to bond sexually with her mate.

But Blackguard isn't too thrilled at the idea. He has a war to think about and a planet of people who need him. Sex is the last thing on his mind, especially with a woman that will yield to his every whim instead of challenging him like he seeks in a potential mate.

Apparently he missed the part about becoming *everything* he wants.

I didn't care for this book. For one, it left out a lot of information. Annalisse notices her personality changing as she feels the need to fight Blackguard on any and every stupid little thing. There's reference to a life she has before going into stasis but (1)who she was, (2)where she came from, (3)how she came to be at all when seeker morphs are so rare that the last lived eons before her time are all details left as a mystery. Oh, and let me not forget I still don't know what makes a seeker morph a seeker morph. The term itself is never defined.

Too many holes and a writing style that is fairly average at best, this one goes down with 2 out of 5 stars. The theme, while done many times before, is all that I liked in this one.


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