Trust in Advertising #300

Trust in Advertising
Kindle Edition
Published July 26th 2010 by Omnific Publishing

Lexi White finds herself at a crossroads. After putting everything on hold to care for her ailing father, it’s finally time for her to start living her life again. An exciting new job holds the promise of a fresh start, until she comes face to face with someone from her past who has always stopped her dead in her tracks, and who evidently still has the power to make her forget her own name. This time around, Lexi’s a grown woman who refuses to back away from her dreams, even if it requires working with her old high school crush. Side by side. Every day. Will he end up being her downfall or exactly what she needs?

Vincent doesn’t even remember Lexi from high school, but he begins to take notice when the fiery young woman is hired as his new assistant. Quickly, Lexi turns his world upside down and becomes an invaluable addition not only to his team, but to his life. Having learned a few hard lessons about trust in the past, Vincent is reluctant to let down his guard, especially when it appears that someone is out to sabotage his family’s advertising agency. Professionally, they are dynamite together, but when sparks fly between them personally, will Vincent let lies and jealousy ruin everything between them, or will he finally learn not only how to love, but ultimately trust…in advertising?

Yays on my 300th read of 2010! Woot!

A full scholarship to NYU should have been Lexi's ticket to a successful exciting life outside Riverdale but a phone call a year into her education brought her right back home to care for her ailing father. Now, eight years later, she's left with a pair of deceased parents and her dreams of being in advertisement all but impossible to achieve.

Now living in San Francisco she finally finds a way to get her foot in the door as a personal assistant to a human resources manager at an old advertisement agency. In a jet-propelled move up the business ladder, Lexie finds herself working for her high school crush, the unobtainable Vincent Drake.

The years since graduation have left Vincent a man who surrounds himself with people he holds at arm's length. Even a girlfriend who only uses him for his money and connections. He won't allow himself to be hurt again. Or betrayed.

So for eighty-four percent of the story, Vincent has a girlfriend. 84 goddamn percent! Oh yeah, I was simmering with anger and disgust. And she's a bitch. You bet I was waiting for him to drop her ass for more reasons that just that she was cutting into my romance.

Despite that *huge* error on Vincent's part that is equally wrong and yet forgivable, I loved me some Vincent. Though it shouldn't be any surprise that I can't refuse a guy willing to act out Disney's Beauty & The Beast as his five year old niece sings 'A Tale As Old As Time.' Oh yeah. It went cheesy. But being a story revolving around an office and advertising business, it needed it.

Trust in Advertising is a smooth flowing story that stirs all the light, happy emotions. The warm gooey feeling one would normally only find in in a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies. (I may be hungry right now) What's even weirder, because I am so a fantasy type of girl, is that this a real life kind of story and I still loved it. No action surrounded, gun slinging, shapeshifting hero. Just a regular guy. And a regular girl.

As far as supporting characters go, I really loved Hope. Great girl best friend. She's one of those woman that makes a guy work for it, says any and everything she feels, and doesn't hold back any 'unladylike' language. She also owns a garage. Mercy Thompson, eat your heart out!

Sean made a perfect match for her. They really deserved their own story.

Favorite line was "With painful slowness, he sat down beside her on the bench and prepared for the pitch of a lifetime." because after eighty-four percent of this story spent in the sheer agony of that horrible woman, Jade, Vincent finally had to beg for forgiveness and redemption. And Lexie is not an easy woman to win. There's no running away into the sunset but it is an HEA, where the girl gets everything she wants and the guy gets everything he needs. 5 out of 5 stars.


Tyhada said...

Great review. I have this book tbr and up for review soon. Have a great day!

Ragan said...

Thanks, Tyhada!

Hope you enjoy it, too. =)