He's The One

He's The One
Published May 25th 2010 by Samhain
(first published November 2nd 2007)
ISBN13 9781609280406

Virginity is overrated.

Taylor Sullivan doesn’t trust Cupid, but she plays one for a living. As a successful wedding consultant, she creates a couple’s ultimate fantasy—even though she’s never managed to create her own. And when her clients start asking her for wedding night advice, she’s sensible enough to know when to enlist help.

Cade Harper knows two things about women. They either abandon him, or use him as a walking bank. He doesn’t do commitment, and marriage is a dirty word—witness the string of broken hearts he’s left in his wake. Yet Taylor’s business proposition intrigues him. In exchange for one night of no-strings passion, she’ll develop a promotional plan for his business. Who could say no?

Never one to buy anything sight unseen, Taylor tests the waters with a kiss. In an instant she has the only answer she’s ever wanted—that Cade is the one she wants.

As business starts tumbling into pleasure, Cade finds himself falling hard and fast.

It’s a fantasy come true—if they can turn heartache into forever…

Warning: Contains explicit, straight-to-the-heart sex between a hopeless romantic heroine and an abandon-all-hope hero. No need to dress up for this party—just curl up with a glass of bubbly and a box of tissues!

Everytime I scrolled through my TBR pile, I always paused at this book. So it's about time I gave it a shove off my list. It's not exactly a favored scenario of mine for a book. Actually it's a stupid scenario. Twenty-four year old Taylor wants to lose her virginity, but instead of getting wasted and picking up some random guy like any other woman might, she seeks out a guy she noticed at a wedding. A man that has the love 'em and leave 'em reputation.

Why does she want to lose her virginity? Because apparently she's the go-to person for her wedding planning clients to ask questions about sex. Now, I planned my own wedding, no planner required, but even if I had one, she would be that *last* person I'd ask something like that about. 'How many orgasms should I have a night?' Seriously? Ever heard of Google?! Like I said- stupid, stupid, stupid!

But the story does find some sense of redemption...

Cade gets that feeling that girls dream about when they find 'the one'. The flutter in the belly. That leap of the heart. His world gets rocked when he first meets Taylor. Even more so when he hears what she wants him for.

Now the red flags should have went off before Taylor's eyes when he tells her having sex is an art form, not a wham, bam, thank you ma'am kind of thing. Hello girl, that's what you need! If you want no strings attached sex, you need a guy who's going to walk out the door when it's over. Not Cade. Not 'I'll drive you home and kiss you goodnight on your doorstep' Cade.

But.. Taylor has a dream. A dream she's given up on after the death of her fiance. And Cade's parents have decimated any postive views towards marriage. So there's baggage. And tons of it. But never will you see a commitment-phobe make such a miraculous healing as well as Cade does. House, cars, dog, and marriage. All in one shot.

Nearing the end of the book the story has a stop-go, back and forth feel which I hated. But in the beginning as Cade woos Taylor with cotton candy and romantic gestures- that, I loved. The two were really good together with complementing personalities and titillating chemistry. Though seriously, RED FLAGS, Taylor! 4 out of 5 stars.

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