Red's Wolf: Terra's Guardians #2

Red's Wolf
P.J. Schnyder
Terra's Guardians, book two
Published August 30th 2010 by Decadent Publishing

Carri has definitely caught the eye of the big bad wolf.

Visiting the Glacier Valley pack to get a little breathing room from life in the city, she uses her skills to help install a high tech airspace sensor array for her adoptive grandmother’s pack. Jason is a lone wolf, good at doing his job and good at being alone. Sparks fly between them, igniting desire hotter than Carri’s red hood. But the Glacier Valley pack has made it clear that Carri is under their protection and off limits. And yet, the heat between them is undeniable and when Carri makes her choice clear, Jason is ready to claim her as his. He’ll go against the pack and any rivals, even take down an alien hunter to have her and protect her.

While the first book in this series was a slow pace tale of a gradually building relationship, this one got to the point much quicker. And it did so without lacking a single necessary thing. Jason and Carri (Red) are very endearing, easily bonded to characters and, yet again, Schnyder very easily brings her reader into the well crafted, thoroughly researched, and beautifully constructed world of shifters. I love it when a great writer takes on shifters and actually knows what the hell he/she is doing!

Jason's a lone wolf. Not by choice. And not by force. Being on pack grounds, Jason has no rights, no reason, and no purpose other than installing the new protection sensors. He definitely has no place lusting after the alpha pair's adoptive daughter. His antisocial, loner quality gravitated me toward him from the start although he quickly lost points for going around kissing random women. Err, woman. Whatever. Hey, I refuse to believe that was his first stolen kiss. But damn him if he didn't have an empathy card up every sleeve.

Carri's open heart, and the fact that she's neither wolf or pack, allows her to see and move past the pack hierarchy, Jason's guarded defensiveness, and the bias towards lone wolves. I seriously awe-ed when Jason finally realized he didn't have to be alone anymore. I loved it. Great story. Really great wolves. What more can I say? 5 out of 5 stars.

"Carri is yours, you say."

"Yes." The right of it surged through him to the very marrow of his bones.

"You're her choice," the alpha acknowledged. "But what can you offer her, wolf? She's human, delicate. She's from the city, used to the luxuries that technology has to offer and comforted by the high walls humans build to keep them safe. How will you keep her safe? And happy?"

No answers. Jason didn't have them. Hell, he’d asked himself those questions over and over again since kissing her at the BBQ.

"She's going back to the city, wolf." Ben made it a statement of fact, one Jason knew without asking. She’d only come to visit, to set up the surveillance system. The brightness she’d brought into the grey of Jason's world would fade back into city lights.

"I know." His doubt must have shown in his face, his body language. Jason saw the hard twist in Ben's expression as the alpha growled low.

Ben made a sharp gesture with his hand, slicing through the air between them. "She deserves better."

The words slashed Jason to pieces, because he believed them to be true.

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Redd said...

ish stealing from your toreads list and stuff here there and on goodreads. not these last two, but ish stealing...XD

♫♥LovLivLife Reviews♥♫ said...

Sweet. I love shifter books and this one sounds fantastic!! Although, the random kissing is not cool =)!

Ragan (Location 2571) said...

Yeah, random kissing is the devil.

Redd, you are such a little klepto!

pj schnyder said...

Hi Karagan,

Thanks again for the great review! I'm really glad you enjoyed Red's Wolf.