Tween Hopeful and Hopeless

Tween Hopeful and Hopeless
Sam Cheever
Kindle Edition
Published March 2nd 2009 by Cerridwen Press
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Part of the Dancin' With The Devil series. What do you do when a bunch of dark world types steal magic from the Hopeful souls in Saint Peter's kingdom to capture the Heavenly Gates and infiltrate the Big House? Astra Q Phelps does what she always does-kicks ass, blows shit up and prays!

With an opening line like "I usually don't like to start my day kicking demon ass" this short read looked promising. With a dragon for a sidekick and all the comforts of a space age at her disposal, Astra teeters in between the forces of Heaven and Hell. She has two men in her life- the sex crazed lover that is Prince Dialle, and the quiet, more subservient partner that is Emo.

Dialle is the more aggressive of the two which matches Astra's attitude quite well. It's plain to see why both men respect her and this is easily a series I could fall into. I liked Dialle but I had more interest in Emo and honestly would have liked to see some kind of triangle there. Quite out of the norm for me. I typically hate triangles.

This one gets 3 out of 5 stars. Book one is below. The image is linked to Goodreads.

Astra Q Phelps is a Tweener, which means she's part angel and part devil. She vaporizes devils and demons for a living. When Astra gets the call from the big Him to aid the good side in a battle between two rival devil courts, she finds herself battling not only the forces of evil but her own nature as she rubs up against the sexiest, most infuriatingly enticing devil prince and discovers he brings out her devil in the most delicious ways. But Astra's problems don't end with a worrying jolt to her sexual nervous system. She is also discovering that she doesn't really know herself all that well as she begins to uncover magic powers that she didn't know she possessed. She might be entangled in a prophecy that links her to her delicious devil prince in more ways than one. Add to this spicy mix a few yummy secrets she learns about her longtime partner and friend, Emo, and you have a tantalizing stew of problems to solve, and only one small Tweener to unravel them all. Reader Advisory: This book contains graphic violence.

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