Prey For The Wolf

Hunters. Murderers. The ominous words echoed in his thoughts. Tormenting him. Taunting him

Kane Steele is alpha of the Montana pack, a pack of warriors and their families. Now Hunters have arrived, seeking the annihilation of their kind. Kane and his wolves are ready for battle, ready to defend their mates, pups, and territory. But Kane isn't ready for Bethany Garett.

Forced to infiltrate Kane's pack to save her brother's life, Bethany has managed to win the favor of Kane's brother, Ethan. Engaged to the beta wolf, Bethany doesn't anticipate the sudden attraction she feels to Kane. Though I think the feeling hit Kane the worst.

So Kane makes a decision. He doesn't like how Bethany affects him. And he doesn't like Bethany with his brother. So... Bethany has to go.

After a fight breaks up at the local night club, Bethany has to force herself not to run to Kane, and instead, to Ethan. I liked this scene. Kane is... hawt. The way he prods at her to get a rise at her temper is wicked. When he suggests she kiss his boo-boo (a broken lip), and she actually does it, in front of Ethan, I didn't know how to react. Ethan isn't very territorial at all. Makes me wonder why he's doing with her at all.

Bethany and Kane are wondering the same. Both find his lack of possessive instinct confounding. Something Kane has in abundance. As the story progresses, you know something's up with our dear beta as he separates from Bethany more and more. From the bar fight, where he immediately leaves her side and Kane instinctively holds her back to protect her... to Ethan actually arranging for she and Kane to be alone without him.

And at the very end, it's ridiculous how deep Ethan's little conspiracy went.

Ethan shrugged. “No problem, sweetheart. I can deal with him later.” He grinned. “Come on, let’s go home. You can nurse me and make me feel all better.”

“Yeah,” Kane said softly. “I like the idea of Bethany kissing our boo-boos and making them feel better.” He locked his stare with hers, a lustful heat simmering in the smoky blue depths. “Ethan only has a black eye. My injury is a bit more serious.” He touched his bottom lip with a finger.

Later, she couldn’t have said what possessed her to do it. But before she could stop herself, Bethany locked gazes with Kane and then stretched up to place a soft kiss against Ethan’s closed, bruised eye.

Then…she took the step to Kane. She leaned close, breathing in his male scent, the heat of the fight still lingering in his sweat. Closing her eyes she touched her mouth to the outer edge of his bottom lip. The kiss was brief and butterfly soft.

She felt it all the way to the bottom of her feet.

And Kane’s shocked, half-gasp, half-growl reverberated through her like a knife straight to her soul.


Jinx & Her Werewolf

(Cover is too disturbing to post)

Thora is a jinx. No matter where she is bad things happen. It's so bad, that sooner or later, no one in town trusts being near her and she's forced to move. She drives until her instincts tell her to stop.

Her latest impulse has her in Strange Hollow, North Carolina, where her broken down car brings her face to face with Daker Sands.

Daker is a wolf shifter, and he's not exactly put together to perfection either. While in human form he is all alpha, dominate and in control. His wolf, however, is a great big puppy dog. When he finds Thora, obviously his mate, his wolf half doesn't think twice about claiming Thora. It only wants to play with her.


Hungry Like A Wolf

Claire is a witch in a family that long ago made a bargain with the local wolves to offer a female of every generation in the pack's traditional Mate Run.

After the Coven chooses Claire, the witch with the least amount of power, to participate, the Alpha assigns his son, Nigel to guard her should any of the males due to run seek her out before they had the right.

Because of the few amount of females, the males eligible for the run are chosen based on a lottery. Nigel's brother, Taylor, won the ticket in his place.

Despite the feelings that grow between them in the weeks prior to the Run, Nigel can't bring himself to go against the pack and take Claire for his own. And although Claire wants nothing to do with the family that blackmailed her into this mess, she won't go back on the word she'd given.

Nigel leaves the pack, transferring to his uncle's territory. Claire runs, and ends up Taylor's mate.

Then, two years later, Taylor is dead, having been killed by a drunk driver, and the Alpha contacts Nigel, calling him home to take his brother's place, in every way.

Another good, simple read. Shocking at first, then cliche in the end. I hate the concept of gay wolves. That shit ain't right.

Shadow of the Wolf: Heart's Desire #1

Shadow of the Wolf
Dana Marie Bell
Heart's Desire, book one
ebook, 127 pages
Published December 7th 2009 by Liquid Silver Books
ISBN 9781595786418

Christopher Beckett is tired of being alone. His wolf is howling for his mate, and Chris knows it is only a matter of time before his needs override everything else in his life.

He casts the spell all the Becketts have used to call their mates to them. What he wants is a woman of an older lineage, of power to equal his own. And she has to accept the one aspect that sets him apart from almost every other wizard: his wolf.

What Chris gets is Alannah Evans, a powerful witch of the Evans Coven. The petite, dark haired woman has no problems with the wolf. What she does have a problem with is the fact that Chris is a wizard. Since wizards and witches don’t get along very well, neither should they, but the sparks flying between them can’t be denied.

Chris isn’t taking no for an answer. When it becomes clear that an old enemy has targeted them both Chris will wind up engaging his enemy in a duel that could cost him his life.

Or worse: Lana.

I call on forces higher than I,
To awaken the dreams that I hold inside.
Venus, grant me the love that I lack;
With this spell my mate attract!
This candle for her,
This candle for me.
When they touch,
United we'll be.
Kindle the love,
Kindle the flame,
When we meet, she’ll know my name.
By the power of earth and fire,
Bring unto me my heart’s desire.
By the power of air and sea,
As I will so mote it be.

... and with that, Christopher, wizard and wolf, cast the spell that would find his mate, just as his ancestors before him.

We meet Lana Evans when her car breaks down. It's the middle of the night, raining outside, and she's just waiting for the creepy music to start playing as she finds her plugged in cellphone is dead. The witch that she is, she follows her senses which tell her *not* to wait for a cop to pass by but the go off into the woods. Cute how she thinks to herself this would be the moment she would be yelling at the screen for the dumb bitch to get back in the mother fucking car. And yet.. there she goes.

Her grammy is great. Dirty minded old lady. And how can you not love Christopher's oldest brother, Gareth, when the guy answers the phone with 'Do you know what fucking time it is, fucktard?' And the chocolate syrup. And the 'you must be a male'. Oh-my-damn hilariousness!

They say every guy wants his woman to be a lady on the streets and a freak in the sheets. Christopher is the male equivalent of that image. Respectful, polite, charming... and then you get him in bed and he is all alpha. And vulgar! Some things said, he seriously did not need to let flutter off his tongue. I'm all for the dirty talk.. but let's keep the degradation to a minimum, buddy.

I am so glad that the next story is baby boy Zachary's. The youngest of the Beckett brothers, and weakest (wizard-ly speaking). Everybody's always stealing his food. I mean, gods damn it, Daniel, lay off your brother's plate! But oh shit, that boy started glowing and they all knew they were fucked.

"Trust me, Chris. For once in our lives just... believe in me."

Ah, Zachary. *sniffles*

Heart's Desire series::

Shadow of the Wolf - Christopher (2nd son) & Lana
Hecate's Own - Zachary (4th son) & Jo
The Wizard King - Gareth (1st son) & Genevieve
(4th book) - Daniel (3rd son) & ??


His She-Wolf Warrior

Mate sighted. ATTACK!

Okay, don't attack necessarily. But seriously, these Marisa Chenery books get down to the point quick!

Eli York is the last of his siblings to find a mate. He's also the last, or in the minority, of them being mortals. While having a drink with his brother, sister, and their mates, he spots a female werewolf across the bar, Saskia, along with her six men-in-arms.

Saskia and her brothers have been trained to protect the chosen one. That being Roxie.

The best part of these stories though is Billie. The youngest and only girl of the York siblings, she's also the most vocal about sex. No matter who is around. And it's kinda crazy that she's mated to Royce who is the great, great, great, etc grandfather of Roxie. Gotta love that slow aging process of theirs.

This one ended much more abruptly than the last. And there wasn't really a true ending. The threat is still out there. It wasn't even confronted. Not really. Eli was turned though. At least something was achieved.


Mated To A Wolf

Three months ago, Finn York became someone's sick attempt to turn mortals into werewolves. He very nearly succeeded.

Now, he absolutely abhors the stronger sense of smells he's been gifted and the visions (which his mother suffered from until she went mad) that have been unleashed.

Despite the fact that his sister and all of his friends are werewolves, Finn wants nothing more to do with the kind. Until he catches the scent of a waitress named Jocelyn at the Wulf's Den.

Fighting the urge to take her as his mate is only the beginning. Once he succumbs to his instincts, Finn finds that his disgust for the shifters is wholeheartedly mutual when it comes to Jocelyn's uncle.

To save his mate, he must become what he hates most.

I first came across the series with Beowulf & Roxie.. which I think is the first in the series. I know Finn's sister, Billie, has her own story and I'm very tempted to search it out.

I liked this one. It was a quick read and quick to the point. Didn't take much for Finn to throw in the towel. The next story is his twin, Eli's.

Wolf Reborn: Westervelt #3

One, beautiful cover!

This is Theo's story, the fourth born on the Royal Six of the Westervelt pack. In the last book, during a battle against demons, Theo was suffered hellish burns that have left him scarred when he saved Tristan's son, Braden, from capture.

Also in the last book, Summer found one of the missing female wolves. Her name is Faith. Faith didn't know she was a wolf, and wasn't all that excited to find out she was one.

After Theo's... incident... he went lone wolf. Told the pack to forget about him and went off by himself on the other side of the island. With the acid's destruction of his flesh, he also felt his mind slipping from him. To protect everyone, he chose to disappear.

It's been six months since the last book. Ashlee is now pregnant with her third child, and Summer is carrying her first. Faith has come to the island, finding no mate, and has taken over Theo's old job as head of island security. Until she saves Theo as he nearly drowned, she didn't even know he existed.

This book is more, I guess, mysterious than the others. Turns out, when the demon scarred Theo he was actually 'choosing' him to save their race. We discover this during a strange time jump as Theo and Faith revisit the place in time when the Institute burned down for the second time. (The first time, it burned by Tristan's hand when he got pissed that Ashlee had left the island when he was trying to kill her.) So yeah.. poor Institute.

"Why didn't you say something then?"

'Because I'm mad at you'

"How is that even possible? We're two halves of the same person" Theo's mind whirled.

'I'm a wolf and you're a jackass.'


Eyes Like A Wolf

This book is divided into two parts. Separation and Reunion.


In separation we are acquainted with seven year old Rachel as she escapes the bullies of her neighborhood as they ridicule and hurl stones at her for being different. She, along with her foster brother Richard (age twelve) and parents are part of the race of the Aman-kai with green slanted eyes that can see in the dark.

This is a story of an arranged marriage. Something I have been open minded about for as long as I can remember so it actually pissed me off when dear old mother stole Rachel away. Mother wanted to give her child a chance at a real life. One where she wouldn't be considered a freak. Where she could make her own choices, and not wait around for Richard to come into her room and rape her like her father had done to her mother.

'Rape' being an objective word in this case.

Rachel loves Richard with all her heart, and all she wants out of life is to be with her big brother forever.

The only thing that ticked me off with this, is that when it came down to the bonding ceremony (one where no sex is involved, only oaths and such).. Rachel had yet to have the Bonding and Mating thing explained to her. They asked if she would accept Richard as her, pretty much, mate and she replied, "Does that mean I can be with Richard forever?"

They said yes. She said yes. A couple of cuts and licks later, the deal was sealed.

She should have been allowed a proper understanding. Anyway... time passes.. and soon, her mother is yanking her out of school and they're on the run. End of Separation.


Seventeen years, three months, and five days later...

(as Richard tells it. LoL)

Still in Rachel's POV, it's a month away from her wedding day to Charlers Rivera the Third. They've been together for two years, four months, and one week.. Yeah, you know it's a book of fiction when the males are that precise to a date...let alone remembering it at all!

I have a lot to say about this book. It's always a great story when you wake up at 5 AM with your fingers itching to blog. Of course as sleeps lulls you back into unconsciousness, you also lose all memory of what was thought. Which sucks cuz I have come to realize I have a much bigger vocabulary at five in the morning.

Anyway... I put myself in a certain mind set going into this book. Here is a man who, because of circumstances of fate, has been raised alongside his mate as her brother. Obviously, very early on everything was explained to him. She's not his sister, not to him. From an early age, he protects her, teaches her, bonds with her, and anxiously awaits being truly together with her.

Living the story on his side makes it a great read.

Living it on Rachel's side, which you're somewhat forced to do because it's written from her POV, it is rather intense. Anyone with any history of rape or child molest in their life need steer clear. Her dreams alone will rip your sanity apart.

But going at it as a man trying to earn the love of his mate, despite how they were raised, and despite society's rules, trying to get Rachel to let go of how the world perceives them - as brother and sister - it's rough.

It made me think deeply about the taboos of our culture. What is perfectly acceptable elsewhere is practically the spawn of Satan here in America. What makes one culture tower over another? What is one wrong. Why is the other right?

I consider myself an open minded person. Anything is possible. Live and let live. Die and let burn. And all that jazz.

In the Amon-kai way.. before a male breeds with his female, he goes to her night after night, slowly and gently easing her into being his mate. Let me tell you, my mind whirled when they found penetration without breaking her virgin barrier. (I am still a virgin on so many levels.)

Side note - the sex is hot in this book!

Anyway, back to the point, as science proves, the body will respond sexually despite any mental fear or apprehension. So yes, even though, as Rachel's mother experience, her body was willing, her mind was not. It's rape. Cut and dry.

Adding even more weight to the issue, is that as a male Amon-kai, Richard is cursed. Only bonding with his mate will deliver him from the compelling urge to kill with every full moon. Something he's been doing since he was sixteen. He needs Rachel to break the curse.

But he's not willing to take her against her will to achieve it.

Of course, on the other side of that, it doesn't stop him from taking each and every little thing Rachel does offer. Seriously, for a chick that is in such an uproar about it being taboo to fuck her 'brother', she isn't so guarded about letting him kiss, fondle, rub, suck, and lick her entire body. And Richard's 'just a little more' manipulative seduction technique may drive you crazy if you allow yourself to stay in Rachel's THIS IS MY BROTHER! mindset.

And then... *sigh*.. we get to about eighty percent of the book and things just... ugh. The level of degradation skyrockets. And suddenly Rachel doesn't have the idea of just incest to contend with. Now bestiality has come into play. And for all that I have read... and come to expect from author Evangeline Anderson, I was in no way prepared for this: It felt good to be so completely filled and fucked, it felt right to be held and taken this way. Right to bow my head, spread my legs, and submit to being owned.. being bred.

I am now and for ever terrified of Evangeline Anderson.

So I've called it rape... and manipulation... and yet... those are human terms. Applied to humans. But the Amon-kai are not human. So what is it then? Is it nature? Is it... wrong?


Summer's Wolf: Westervelt #2

Three years ago, Cullen, his pack's enforcer, found his mate in one Summer Morrison after three hundred years of being alone. But, for her mother's wishes, he's agreed to keep distance, and allow five years to pass so that Summer could grow up, finish college and so forth.

That was three years ago. And all the time apart has taught Summer is that her mate wants nothing to do with her. But when her parents are murdered in their own home, and Cullen shows up as her savior, all she wants is for him to kill the man responsible. Though, all Summer's wolf wants, is her mate.

I didn't mind the conversations between the human side and the wolf side in this one. Probably because Cullen and Summer were so much in awe of their second halves. How their wolves tolerated them, I have no idea.


Her Wolf: Westervelt #1

This one sounded so good. And I'm all for a simple story, but this one came up lacking on all accounts.

Suffering from stress-induced delusions after a bad breakup with her fiance, Ashlee gets a volunteer job at the local zoo. There, she's smitten by the lone wolf that won't interact with the pack. When she vocally expresses that he needs a new pack, she's shocked to hear him reply in her mind.

From there, Tristan, 'Trip', informs Ashlee, she's his mate. And that he needs to get him out of there. Very little resistance later, Ashlee's world is turned upside down when she learns that Trip is one of the Royal Six, the six sons of the once reigning Alpha.

Thirty years ago, Trip's father got involved with a some really bad people and was convinced to allow them to do scientific tests on himself and his pack. When a witch got involved, the Alpha had her put a hex on the pack males. If they didn't obey, and submit to the tests, they would be cursed with the urge to kill their mates, thus making want to kill themselves once their mate was dead.

Blelieved the curse is pretty much over, Trip and Ashlee perfrom the mating ritual.. only for Trip to awake the next morning with a voice in his head screaming for him to kill his mate.

I didn't like how they talked to their wolves as if they were possessed. I did like how the brothers acted outside of the current time period. One of the brothers even still bowed when introduced to a woman.

I did like the end.The pack has been broken for too long. Even though all the brothers want the eldest, Michael, to step up as Alpha he feels the role isn't meant for him. It's meant for Trip. When Tristan finally steps up, and Cullen steps up to traditionally challenge the wolf that seeks to be Alpha, it's a bit heartfelt. Cullen is the oldest of the pack. And he's ready to die. Tristan feels that this is Cullen's own ritual suicide.

Then.. Summer (Ashlee's younger sister) speaks, and Cullen's head whips around so fast the earth gives a jerk. Cullen has found his mate, and so Trip forces him to yield and to live on.

The writing style isn't to my liking. Much like YA.. which is why I typically stear clear. But it was good enough a story that I wan't to continue the series. Bring on Cullen and Summer's tale.

Tristan roared. No one was to speak of Ashlee to him. He wanted her dead. “I was
not trying to kill myself. The cold water drowns out our father’s voice. It makes me want
to not kill her. I was just going to stay there permanently.”

Azriel, his eyes gone wolf, growled at him. “Has the spell fried all of your brain?
You cannot breathe under water, Trip. To stay under water would mean death, you

Rex loomed over him. “What do you hear, Trip? Who is controlling you? Who told
you to knock out Parker? Why did you burn down our home?”

Tristan snorted. “Our Alpha told me.”

Michael glared at him. “I have told you no such thing, Trip.”

“You are not my Alpha, brother. You do not want the job. You are nothing.”

Rex and Azriel bellowed, the white light forming around them as if they might shift.

“Do I lie, brothers? Could this happen to us with a strong Alpha who controlled and
protected his pack? I love our brother, but he is weak, and he has failed us.”
Michael’s eyes were huge as he stared down at Tristan. “I never wanted this job. I
am not meant to be Alpha.”

Tristan shook his head. “Then we are all doomed. You should have left me to drown
in the water, where at least Ashlee would be safe.”

Kill her.

Tristan shook his head, and his brothers stared at him blankly. “I will not.”

“To whom do you speak, Trip?” Michael stared at him and Tristan didn’t need to
read his mind to know that he thought he was crazy.

“My Alpha, my liege, our father.”

Tristan watched as Michael turned to Azriel. “Call Gabriel. Find out if Ash has the
witch yet. I don’t think we have much more time.”

Kill her.

Tristan closed his eyes as the slow burn started again, and this time when he
screamed, three sets of eyes stared down at him in horror.

First & Second Howl

First Howl & Second Howl
Found these two free reads on the author's site. They're basically just a small continuation of Wolf Signs and Wolf Flight featuring the four main characters. Both stories happen simultaneously, just as the main ones did.

It's been nearly a year since Signs and Flight. Both Robyn and Missy have both given birth nearly two months ago. Robyn had baby girl, Kara. Missy delivered baby boy, Jamie.

Now, both couples are in need of some New Year's Eve lovin'.


Hunting Season

Books like this remind me why I love men.

Yager is adorable. Tye is almost perfect. And Mike is freakin hilarious.

I'm not one that likes women, especially in large groups... or flocks. Neecy kept ticking me off. I like Arri. Not so much Janelle.

The guys were the best. That little seed and meat trick of Tye's was legendary. Best part: "Holy shit! Okay. Breathe, Yager. Breathe!"

And I can't be the only one who thinks it's odd to live your life servine Skuld or Odin, meanwhile crying out 'Jesus Christ'...

All in all, really good book. Too bad the author said this on her website:

Will you continue the Magnus Pack or The Gathering series?

Although I do plan to continue the Magnus Pack series with Nessa Sheridan and Aleksei Vorislav's story and The Gathering series with Arri Chang and Mike Molinski, due to my current writing schedule I'm not sure when that will be.


Storm Warning

This series has the most beautiful covers, albeit with strange mouth positions.

This is Drew's story. We know very little about Drew. One, he's always the guy willing to take on an out of the country mission while the other guys stay home to deal with their women. Two, thanks to Brax's mind reading skills, we know Drew hasn't gotten laid in nearly three months... although he's the notorious womanizer of the clan.

This guy's got secrets. And after a couple of chapters with me screaming at Corvis, demanding to know who Molly was... although my brain was 99% sure already cuz, c'mon what else makes a single guy go from screwing every woman he meets to being completely celibate ... I finally found out.

Then, forced to take some time off, Rae sends Drew to a resort where he meets a journalist named Blair Murphy - Braxton's sister. Of all the women out there! Jeesh. So now, with Drew contemplating hanging up his sword for Molly, Blair gets attacked, and turned, by a Storm Demon. One man going out. One woman coming in. Or not...

This one was what the others should have been. Kudos to Drew and Blair for finally pulling off a decent captivating story.

Makes you think... how do you react when your five year old daughter (who you've only known for two months) is having visions of the demons you spend your days vanquishing. And she's taking it better than you are. "Duck hunts are wild, Daddy." Cryptic little thing.

*Awaiting books four (Rae's story..with Parker, I presume) and five (Darcy's maybe?).

Notes To Self:: (Destroyers, and the the type of Demon that initiated them)



Stripped Away

Book two of the Shadow Destroyers - Stripped Away - starts out with the prologue taking place before the first book in the series (with events that were hinted at during Unbreakable). From there, everything is the aftermath.

Braxton and Quinn are both Shadow Destroyers. Braxton is a by-the-book kind of guy with the gift of telepathy, and well, Quinn knows how to kick some ass, no rule book necessary. Although Quinn does have one weakness, one that Brax is quickly becoming alert to... she's claustrophobic.

Welcome to my world, sweetheart!

Her gift is heightened senses and speed, and strangely enough, she's been the one person whose thoughts Braxton can't breach. But that's changing.

I liked this one a lot more than the first. A chick with blue striped hair, with a Mountain Dew addiction, and a liking for Nickelback... Then a guy that likes his techy gadgets, playing on his computer, and fixing up his Mustang... The one downfall to both? They watch Dawson's Creek. Gods help me!

Braxton saw Darcy sketch something on the notebook she’d flipped open in front of her.

He leaned forward to see across the table. “What’s that?”

“A fish,” she silently answered back, the muscle in her cheek twitching as though she fought a smile. She pushed the notepad in between her and Quinn.

Quinn looked at the page and rolled her eyes.

Rae crossed her arms. “Am I missing something this morning?”

Neither Darcy nor Quinn was fast enough to hide the drawing before Rae snapped it up. She arched a perfectly sculpted brow. “What’s this?”

“Looks like a fish,” Braxton put in, trying to figure out the significance. He couldn’t decide if Quinn avoided looking in his direction because of what was said in the locker room earlier or if it had something to do with Darcy’s sketch.

Rae pursed her lips, waiting. “Bored?”

“She’s into astrology,” Quinn explained.

Darcy bobbed her head a little too vigorously. “Quinn’s a Pisces.”

Braxton leaned back in his chair and wondered what the two of them were up to. “She’s an Aries, actually.”

“My mistake.” Darcy quickly picked up one of the printouts Rae had handed out when they’d all sat down.

Drew, who’d been lounging half asleep in his seat across from Quinn, leaned up to see the picture Rae held. “Looks like Mr. Murphy to me.” He covered his mouth on a yawn.

“Mr. Murphy?” Rae asked before Braxton could get the same question out.

“Yeah,” Drew answered sleepily, oblivious to the death glare aimed at him from across the table. “Quinn’s goldfish. I think this one is the twelfth incarnation.”

Rae looked stupefied. Darcy—mildly embarrassed. Quinn slumped in her chair.

Braxton surprised them all by bursting out laughing.



Five years ago the man she loved died in her arms. Or did he?

Jordan MacAdam is a cop that lost her partner/lover, Gage, five years ago, when something unnatural to this world took his life in an attack. Since then, she has battled the demons she now knows exist.

Then, during one of those battles, Gage returns.

Recruited as a Shadow Destroyer, Gage has spent the last five years working with some of the most entertaining characters as they battle the most mysterious ones. More than almost anything he wants to go back to Jordan, but after leading the demons to his cousin's home where they killed him shortly after, Gage isn't willing to chance her life. Little does he know someone else has already introduced her to his new world.

This one bored me. Braxton and Quinn were about the only thing that kept me entertained, and thankfully, book two is their story.

It takes forever, a day, and two minutes, for Jordan to finally get over it that Gage played dead for five years. Or so it felt that long.

Man From Nowhere

Just coming off a bad relationship and stuck in a work-related nightmare, Trish Devlin doesn't need more stress. So when she spots a stranger lurking outside her home, it's the last straw. Yet she's drawn to this compelling man who claims to have visions of her impending murder and offers protection.

Grant Wolfe can't explain why he feels compelled to defend the skeptical beauty, but he ignored a premonition once before—with deadly consequences. Can he convince Trish that his visions are based in an all-too-dangerous reality—or will the killer get her before their love has a chance?

Grant and Trish are, beyond a doubt, the most educated, open-minded characters I've ever come into contact with. And Gage, the cop, too.There aren't that many 'are you crazy?' moments, and when you're talking about precognitions, and hunches, and just odd sixth senses, it's rare for people not to respond with the famous 'wtf' line...

I was very happy with the end. Nothing wild and crazy. The story progressed slowly, much as it would in real life. This is a story that could *so* happen.


Heart of the Wolf

Years ago, Devlin saved Bella from the wildfire that destroyed her red wolf pack. Since bringing her home to his family of gray wolves, the alpha, Volan, has wanted her for his own.

Bella's love for Devlin can't give him the strength to fight Volan, and she'll never accept Volan as her mate. She decides then to take a human as her mate and change him, thus sparing Devlin his death and keeping herself free of Volan.

Of course, as misunderstandings are bound to happen, Devlin is convinced she only wants a human to mate with and has no feelings whatsoever romantically for him.

When Volan and Devlin spy her attempting to seduce a young human, Volan gives Devlin orders to capture her while Volan himself hunted down the boy and slaughtered him. That night, Bella ran from her pack... and Devlin.

A hundred fifty years later, or one aging year (go effin figure).. Bella gets herself locked up in a zoo where Devlin finds her. She's also found by fellow red wolves who all want her for their mate. There's also a killer wolf on the loose trying to change a red haired woman to be his mate.

The characters end up going in circles a lot, and doing some pretty dumb things. Bella never really gets a lot of faith that Devlyn can defeat Volan, and it irks him to the core.

I would have loved to be in Devlyn's head when he found the refrigerator. That was probably the best part of the book. That, and the "Bad Bella"'s..

In the end, all the bad guys die, and Devlyn and Bella live happily ever after. With triplets.


Fantasy Lover

Dear Reader,

Being trapped in a bedroom with a woman is a grand thing. Being trapped in hundreds of bedrooms over two thousand years isn't. And being cursed into a book as a love-slave for eternity can ruin even a Spartan warrior's day. As a love-slave, I knew everything about women. How to touch them, how to savor them, and most of all how to pleasure them. But when I was summoned to fulfill Grace Alexander's sexual fantasies, I found the first woman in history who saw me as a man with a tormented past. She, alone, bothered to take me out of the bedroom and into the world. She taught me to love again. But I was not born to know love. I was cursed to walk eternity alone. As a general, I had long ago accepted my sentence. Yet now I have found Grace-the one thing my wounded heart cannot survive without. Sure, love can heal all wounds, but can it break a two thousand year old curse?

Julian of Macedon

I didn't think I'd survive this one.

The son of Aphrodite and a Spartan warrior, Julian of Macedon has lived one hell of tortured existence.

"I'm no one's son. My mother abandoned me. My father disowned me. I was raised on a Spartan battlefield under the fist of whoever was around."

Since seven years of age, and even before that, he has been alone. Then one day in his youth, his spared a fellow boy his punishment and took it upon himself. From that day, Iason became the only brother he would ever truly friend. Those brothers he shared blood with only ignored or despised him.

Then Iason fell in love with a girl named Penelope, and she returned his love. Iason had parents who took pride in him, a mother who fed and nourished him as she could, and a woman who was promised to him.

Julian had nothing. And no one.

Then even Iason betrayed him, mocking him like all the rest. And in jealousy for all Iason ever had, and in pain for the betrayal, Julian cried out to Eros, his older brother. And Eros obliged him his desire. Iason was made to forget his care for Penelope, and Penelope was made to love Julian.

Then one day, Eros drunkenly told his brother, Priapus, what he had done. A hostory of their own between Julian and Priapus, Priapus took action. By him, both Iason and Penelope were given back the memory of their love, and each wanted vengeance upon Julian. Though he tried to stop Iason, for he was no match for Julian's skill, it could not be helped. Iason died on Julian's blade. In anger, and hysteria, Penelope ran from the stables as Julian held his heart's brother in his arms and Iason lay dead. She ran to their home, where she butchered the children he had sired from her. His children, the only thing he had ever loved. She slit her own wrists, and with her dying breath, she spat in his face.

It's not just what he lived, it's that it haunts almost every page in the book.

And all of that is only the tip of the iceberg. He's been in and out of the world since one hundred sixty something or so BC.. so... whew... he's lived a doosey.


Force of Attraction

Lt Commander Bradiainn Janelle is in a world of hurt.

His destined mate is engaged to his best friend.

Then their ship takes a hit and seventy-five percent of their crew is killed. Bradi manages to help save Peter and gets him aboard a pod to safety. He goes back for Marissa and together they too manage to escape the doomed ship.

But then their pod overshoots their destination and Bradi finds himself on route to his home planet and the frost is quickly dropping the temperature in the pod. Using his supernatural heat to help save Marissa as she lies unconscious on the floor, things really go to hell. As she stirs, she calls out to him to make love to her. His hidden inner beast can't deny his mate, and soon, Bradi has betrayed his best friend, taken his mate's virginity, and claimed her as his wife.

The last thing she mutters before passing out completely is 'I love you, Peter.'

Ouch. Talk about making a guy want to curl up and will himself to die.

This one takes place months after the first book. We meet Nina and Lorelei again and find out that Bradi is Lorelei's twin brother. Actually, all the kids are twins. Three sets I believe, though the youngest girl is questionable to that.

Stergian played a more interactive role in this one. He must have given up with the mind control mumbo jumbo, cuz in this one it was all about draining life forces. And I must say, Christian was a much better guy too.

And I can report two things. Lorelei had twin boys, which were unnamed when we last left them. And Marissa gave birth to Eli Bradiainn Janelle. Which we might not have known if not for the epilogue. Weird, cuz I always associated the epilgoue as a bonus to the story. But it was *very* crucial to the story. It was the damn ending!

Better than the first. Although I'd probably take Sevan over Bradi. Sevan owned his feelings. Bradi put up a front. That bad boy, playboy defensive shield would make me wanna stab a guy in real life, but having Bradi reeling inside - the old tormented soul I have a weakness for - made him a great contender against Sevan. And I am partial to panthers in comparison to lions. Hmmm...

"Yeah, it's real funny that you broke me."

"Mmm, no part of you seems broken to me, Janelle."

"Then you've not looked closely at my heart."



Paranormal Payload

Um... I'm thinking I missed a chapter somewhere....?

What happened to the bad guy? He was.. and then.. she was... and then.. Samson.. and...



So, I don't know how I wandered across this one. Honestly, I've got so many books piling up, I don't know which way is left or which way is right anymore... don't get me started on 'up' and 'down'.

In Paranormal Payload, Sevan and Lorelei have been dreaming of one another for the past six months- sharing very vivid, very real dreams. When Sevan's ship's fuel tank takes a random break, he ends up at Lorelei's space station and comes face to face with his dream girl.

Those two were great. As was Jordon. The fucked up history Lorelei shared with just about everybody around her was a bit much.

I was left with a *lot* of questions.

Like, what did him having a tattoo of a woman and panther say that meant he and Lorelei had bonded?
(2) And, why was Sevan jumping back and forth with his emotions. I know Lorelei wasn't exactly giving him much to go on, but wtf was his roundabout face, 'I'm not playing your game anymore' bullshit about?
(3) Why didn't Lorelei respond when Sevan called her a slut, when supposedly Streigen was partly controlling his mind.

I don't get it.

But what I did get, I liked.

Her Chosen Wolf

I was eighty percent sure there was going to be a threesome in this story, so I had my hesitations.

And there was...

Taking that out, cuz, yeah.. it was done for certain motives...

It was pretty good.

Saffa returns to her pack's lands just wanting to be home, but she's approaching her fertile peak and her enemy, Bardo, wants her for his mate. She escapes across the bridge to where Justice lives. Justice is the only man she's ever loved but he's always held her at arm's length. Too bad. Cuz she has to take a mate, and she's chosen him.



Back in New Orleans... with Nicole (Nick) Peyton and Derek Gabriel.

New Orleans...Peyton.... yeah, somebody's riding my nerves.

Two years ago, Derek was changed into a wolf by a rogue. Nicole was born one. A pureblood, she is the daughter of the Alpha, an alpha very much against mixing blood with the changed.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, seems to have some starcrossed love story thing going on. Kat (seer, and Derek's cousin) has a crush on Andrew (Derek's business partner). Or as Nick tells it, 'They have this thing. It's epic.'


And then... Nick's sister Michelle is in love with Aaron, her bodyguard. But Michelle is a shapeshifting seer, so she's not alowed emotional or physical ties. Nothing that will divide her loyalties. And damn it, I like Aaron. That boy is 100% whipped. Attentive, giving, and obedient.

Anyway, because of Derek's change and the animalistic instincts projected onto his humanity, he doesn't trust himself with Nick. Why he's afraid he'll hurt a fullblood werewolf, I will never come to terms with.

So when things finally start to go from screwey to making sense, Michelle shows up with Aaron. And she's pregnant. Aaron's execution has been ordered and they'll likely kill Michelle, too. Once again, the band is pulled together, and even Jackson's mother is in town.

Nothing prepared me for the events following page 200. First, this dawning moment where everything was eclipsed by a feeling of how the story would end. Aaron tells Nicky he's going to die, that he won't make it through this, and he's been prepared for it since he fell in love with Michelle. So suddenly I know, I just KNOW, who has to die for Aaron to live. And that possibility hurt too.

As Luke (son of a bitch, literally, who wants her son to be the next alpha and therefore wants Luke to marry Nick) and Derek sit alone sipping a beer, realizing neither of them will ever be able to be with the women they love... my heart plummetted. I had to put down the book, I was so shattered.

Page 233, as I calculated anyway, ripped at my breaking heart.

As did every other page after that.

Until.. Derek earns Coleman's seat on the Conclave, which he declines. Hoffman responds...

"You have to want it. Why the hell else would you have risked this fight?"

and Derek answers,

"Because my Xbox broke and there wasn't anything good on TV."


So another book.. another bullet... another casualty.

It ain't right. For everything to go so wrong and yet end up kinda right.

Everybody got the girl. Maybe not for forever. Maybe not the way they wanted.

But this one was sooooo much better than the first. It wasn't a fanatic they were up against but pure, simple archaic politics. Everyone had some part of their life on the line. And everyone had their world altered in some way.

Nick left her bar. I wonder who's gonna run it now... I love that place...

Looking forward to book three, DEADLOCK, 2011, as it tells Alec's chapter.

Carmen Mendoza's shapeshifter father abandoned her. Raised by her psychic mother, Carmen ignored her paternal family's political machinations--until the day they decided to use her in their bid for power. Trapped between two worlds and snared by a vicious spell meant to wake her inner wolf, Carmen's only hope is to trust the one man strong enough to soothe her darkest instincts.

Born a pureblood wolf, Alec Jacobson lives as a rebel, the black sheep alpha who protects the supernatural residents of New Orleans from wolf politics. Too bad he can't protect himself from his need for Carmen. Staking a claim on his enemy's niece will turn his city into a battleground, unless he can find a way to stop breaking the rules--and start making them.


The Alpha

Finished up CRUX ahead of schedule, and since CROSSROADS isn't released to midnight, I decided have a snack with THE ALPHA.

And damn it, if I didn't go from Andrew JACKSON Holt to JACKSON Creed.

What's with the name Jackson? And Marcus? I keep finding those over and over again.

Opens up with Deanna downing a three shot latte - never will understand the lure of coffee - and leaving a coffee shop. She's obviously on the run from or for something. Outside, Sheriff Jackson Creed, asks if she needs any help. His scent screams 'wolf' and also, 'alpha'. Hers screams fear.

She assures him she's just passing through, not a threat to his pack, then while fighting the urge to submit and rub herself all over him, she faints. Yeah, faints.

Jackson loads her in his jeep and takes her some place safe. Home.

This was a really good story. Finally, a 'Jackson' worth panting over.


Mackenzie is on the run from a deranged fanatic named Marcus who keeps telling her she's his destined mate and they're meant to have very important children. She's taken in by Nicole Peyton, a bar owner, and her very close band of friends which includes Jackson Hult, a private investigator/spellcaster.

Nick (Nicole) is a wolf shapeshifter, as is a couple others. Everyone has some type of power. And Kenzie learns that she does to. She is a rare cougar shapeshifter. As is Marcus. So Marcus is the 'son' of the bad guy, Charles Talbot, who's out the keep their race alive, hence the arranged marriage of Marcus to Kenzie. There is a huge backstory to this one. And lots of entertaining characters, including of course Nick (wolf shapeshifter) with her crush on Derek (possesses magic, also turned werewolf by a rogue wolf)..Derek's cousin Kat (also, Jackson's secretary)... Alec, (wolf shapeshifter) which is Jackson's partner... Mahalia, Jackson's former mentor, and her lover Steven (shapshifter, and Charles Talbot's nephew)... Then there's Nick's very powerful twin sister Michelle and her bodyguard, Aaron Spencer. I'll stop there, but that's not all of them.. It's actually not all that complicated.

Jackson is a Georgia boy, who flirts constantly. Two strikes immediately against him.

The third strike comes after actually meeting Marcus who turns out to be a loveable sweetheart who just happens to be apparently brainwashed.

One of the best scenes was after two days of being forced to sit on their hands, Jackson is a ball of nerves. He and Alec end up bickering, and soon it comes to blows. With Mahalia, Nicole, and Michelle standing by placing bets.. and Michelle offering up Aaron for the fight as well.. the three guys have a brawl on the deck of a rented cabin. YAY AARON!

Yet, in a world of witches, seers, psychics, wolves, and cougars... you would think the one casualty we had would have been taken down by something a little more wow-ing than a fucking bullet. RIP, man.


Savage Retribution

First things first, I love the name of this book.

So... an animal activis/zoologist named Regan breaks into a sadistic werewolf's animal research lab to break free the animals. Of course, she doesn't know he's a werewolf, so she's not *that* stupid. Shot at, nearly raped, she gets away with the help of a large black wolf who rips the throat out of the three night guards.

She awakes the next morning to find the wolf has followed her home. As he whimpers on her couch, she inspects his wounds. Then as his bones stretch and move beneath her hands, he suddenly becames a fully naked man.

And all she can keep screaming is 'Where is my lizard?'

Of course, in short time, all he keeps screaming inside his head is 'She hit me!' while gritting out that he never saw, or smelt, any damned lizard.

I don't know what it is, but I'm tickled when characters spend paragraph after paragraph shouting the same crazy thing. I can relate to the madness.

As we follow the Australian, Regan, and her Irish werewolf Declan... we also follow Regan's older brother, Peter, who is a cop. Poor guy gets a new partner the same day his sister goes missing (as Declan kidnaps her to keep her safe)... and his head's all screwed up.

I just wish the author wasn't so obsessed with boobs. WAAAAAAAAAAAY too much nipple sucking. *shudder*

"Excuse the cliche, Paddy, but I do know how to take care of myself."

"Against a human," he said, stare fixed on the road, " I don't doubt it."
"I've sent you reeling twice."

"More than twice, Regan. Every time we touch you send me reeling. Which is why I have to take you some place safe." he continued. "So you can keep sending me reeling for the rest of forever."




First, she escapes being raped. Then, she survives a car crash that has left her face scarred. Eight months later, she walks into her friend's living room to get together with some gal pals and is met with the stench of blood, piles of hacked body parts, and the sound of a man humming.


The villain in this one is a true, sick son of a bitch - a serial rapst/murderer that has mommy issues.

I would have like a longer transition from friends to mates with Eli and Nikki. And I damn well would have liked to know what Tieran named Caelan's son.

All in all.. very good sequel! Though I do believe Caelan was the better lover. Although Eli was more adventurous with his surroundings. Why is this the first story I've read where sex on a desk was involved. It's a classic!

Seeing Eye Mate

Came across thie one when book two in the series intrigued me. This is book one.

Caelan is Prime of his pack. Another term for alpha I suppose. There's a murderer on the loose, killing the female mates of surrounding packs. His is one of the only left yet to fall prey to the psycho. While hunting the bastard responsible, Caelan can only feel greatful that he hasn't yet found his mate, although the elders have divulged that they sense he will find her soon.

"Eight ball. Corner pocket."

First line of the book. Simple enough, I was interested.

While shooting a game of pool with his brother Eli at a local bar, Tieran walks in. Her car has broken down outside thanks to the meddling of her dead grandmother who converses with her inside her head. Yeah, Tieran's a psychic and medium.

And poor Caelan has found his mate.

Since I know some things about book two... being Eli's story and all... I know Eli isn't the killer. But all evidence is saying he is.

I loved the characters. Caelan was picture perfect when it comes to my perceptions of male wolf shapeshifter. Not so sure how accurate that perception is, but Cael was ideal to mine. When he protected Tieran with his body on the floor in front of the window, and had to bite her neck to get her to stop moving... it was so canine. Why haven't I seen that in a book before??

The end was too predictable that it actually upset me to have so much fun only for the end to be so cliche. I wanted a twist.

I'm not posting the cover. The guy is just too damn ugly.


Wolf Rain

Hot fiery damn!

Well, okay, maybe that's too much excitement, but the sex really was good. All my faves. LoL

In a world where Shifters are the bad things that go bump in the night, Diana is trying to get home before it gets dark. And yet, the creatures are evolving and the hour when they may walk the earth in their wolf form comes earlier and earlier. As a small pack gathers around her, Diana calls upon the memories of all her father has taught her and prepares to defend herself.

Then emerges Harm. A man, partial shifter, that comes to her rescue and takes them down with nothing more than his bare hands.

Best part, aside from the first few sexual encounters (as they continue they become rather repetitious) is the blowup/hissy fit/break down that Harm suffers after he finds out Diana has been working scientific magic in a rented storage closet. Crazy fool.

Though the end was abrupt, and the epilogue too girly... me liked the beginning. And that was enough to leave me satisfied.


Hellhound King

At the end of the last book, when all hell was raining down, the villain Marina cried out to her former captive Raf that her plan had failed.

In Hellhound King, we find out why the hell she did that. It was a big surprise that the two had been lovers before she imprisoned him in a box for years. Also, surprising that Raf was out for revenge for the murder of his wife, son, and brother a hundred years before that.

Also, surprising, just how many characters went from bad to good then bad again in this book.

Although enjoyable, I'd have to say this was the worst of the series. The others were simply so much better!